Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cats and dogs

Wywy in a happier day.
You know those cutesy things you get (maybe in email) written from a cat's point of view, about "my person"? I'm thinking of writing one, because I can only imagine what Wynona is thinking. After his/her trauma at the vet yesterday--a bath (I'm not sure she's ever had a bath), shots, blood work, etc., she/he disappeared last night when we came home. He emerged sometime after supper to ask for food but ate very little. I didn't see him again all evening, nor did I see him this morning--usually he's right behind me as I head for the bathroom, yowling for his food. I simply couldn't find him--looked under my bed with a flashlight, in the back of my closet where he sometimes heads. Finally found him in the guest room closet where he'd made a nest of some empty grocery bags I keep there. He blinked at me, I petted him, put food and water right by the closet door, and left for the dentist. But here's my Wywy dialog:
"My person thinks I should forgive her for yesterday's horrible experience. She tried to tell me it was all for my own good, but I know better. It was a form on animal cruelty. I'm going to stay here so that she doesn't whisk me off to that 'spa,' as they called it. And if she thinks she can buy forgiveness with food and water, she has another think coming."
This evening I called the vet, and they said it's not unusual for a cat to hide for a day or two--Wywy's done it before, but only for hours. Tonight I got her out, put her on my shoulder, and loved on her/him. He was quiet and seemed to enjoy it, so I went and got a small can of tuna (not the good Pisces stuff, thank you very much) and fed him that. He ate and wandered around the house a bit, stopping to drink a couple of times. But now he's back in the closet. I'll continue to see where periodic loving gets me, but cats are finicky and funny.
Meanwhile Scooby has taken a notion to dump over his food bowl every night, I think because he's mad at me for making him go outside in the evening. I tell him the possums will eat what he spills and about half the time some critter eats it by morning, so I've cut down on the amount. Maybe cooler weather will soothe him. Or maybe both my animals are getting old and cranky--Wywy is 18, old for a cat, and Scooby is 11, at least late middle age for an Aussie. But both seem fine and lively most of the time--it's just these personality quirks they developed.

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