Thursday, August 05, 2010

Email explosion and no work

The lists from Sisters in Crime, Guppies, and Agent Quest exploded in my mail box--110 when I came home from lunch and 73 when I came home from supper. I barely caught up, though many don't require serious or lengthy reading, thank goodness. I guess usually I'm at my desk and deal with them as they come it, so it usually doesn't seem like so many.
Not a lick of work today, though mostly a pleasant day. Began with two hours in the dentist chair--much sitting and waiting, at which I am not graceful. And in the midst of it, the battery on my Kindle ran out of juice. But then Jim Lee took Jeannie and me to lunch at Patrizio's, which was fun--good company and good food. Came home, cleared out e-mails, had a nap, and John and Cindy arrived. We went to dinner with Cindy's sister Jenny and her Kevin, Patty and her Ralph, my niece Jennifer and her husband adorable almost-three-year-old, and a couple of friends, one an old family friend that I hate to think about how long we've known each other. It was Kevin's last night before he deploys to Afghanistan--a bittersweeet occasion though everyone was in good spirits. We had Mexican food--I guess if you are leaving Texas for a year you want your last hit of Mexican food. Ate at LaFamilia, which was really good.
So now it's the end of the day, I'm too tired to start anything, but I guess I'll re-read what I've written on Blue Bell Ice Cream, "the best ice cream in the country."
I am feeling the pull of fiction and think tomorrow, after lunch with my mentor, I'll go back to working on my novel. Nice quiet weekend looms.
'Night everyone. Godspeed to Kevin.

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