Thursday, August 26, 2010

Family worries and retirement

Two days ago my oldest daughter was rear-ended in Austin. She said she felt a sharp pain in her lower back when it happened and didn't know what that was. My brother knew exactly--a cranialsacral injury. So they talked, he was going to help her look for an osteopathic physician in Austin who was certified in cranialsacral work. This morning he called fairly early to say he hadn't done it because he'd had a "hiccup"--spent yesterday afternoon and half the night in the ER and was admitted to the Granbury hospital for rapid heart rate. Hey, a whole new thing for me to worry about. I emailed all the kids, and Colin responded that he'd just woken up from his colonoscopy. Yikes! My family was falling apart. Tonight all is well--sort of. Megan spent 3-1/2 hours in the dentist's chair, so didn't have time to investigate doctors, though she admitted this morning her back is sore. And a friend was good enough to get online, search Austin D.O.s and come up with a name for her. My brother is still in the hospital--they're going to decrease his medication and send him home tomorrow. He's bored. I didn't know he took medication to regulate his heartbeat, so somehow knowing this is not a brand new problem makes me feel better. And Colin is fine, will go to the doctor next week for the path report and to schedule further testing to deal with his Crohn's disease. None of it is ideal, but it's a lot better than it looked this morning.
When I used to contemplate retirement, I was terrified of waking up in the morning and wondering what to do with the day. Not a problem. I have so much work on my desk, plus errands to run, plus things I want to read, I hardly know where to start the day. This week I had one long day at home alone; otherwise it's been errands and lunch and class and all sorts of things. Haven't written nearly as much as I'd like. The weekend doesn't look much better, until Sunday. But Monday it starts all over again. And I've volunteered to work at the local Bill White campaign office on Tuesday mornings.
Several of the members of my class didn't show tonight, and I joked with one that we needed a class in simplifying our lives. I think I need that for sure, but  it beats the alternative of sitting around wondering what to do with my days. I am so much livelier and happier when I get out and interact with the world.
Great lunch today with Melinda from TCU Press--we talked about kids and weddings and grandchildren and all sorts of stuff. And we both enjoyed chicken salad at Patrizio's. Melinda is one of the people who keeps me grounded.

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