Saturday, September 05, 2009

Mr. Sunshine and a lazy, reading day

Jacob has had some rough days lately, working through something in his little head. But tonight he was Mr. Sunshine, cheery, playful and happy from the moment he walked in. He was excited about his new big boy bed, which he has laden with so many toys there's barely room for him. Periodically during the evening, he would disappear and go to his bed. He was reluctant to actually go to sleep tonight but we made a game (and a song of "Time to go to bed") and he went happily. I haven't looked to see if he's asleep, but I don't hear a peep on the monitor.
Some months ago I noticed that when I turned on my computer I got a picture on the remote monitor but not on the laptop, and I was used to having both. I asked Brandon, but he said it was hard to tell long distance. Not a big deal, since I could still see what I was doing on the remote, which is preferable. Tonight Jacob walked up to the laptop, said, "Your 'puter isn't working," and before I knew it gave it a whack! Guess what--I now have a picture on both screens.
Started the morning by meeting an out-of-town author for breakfast at the grill down the street from my house. Closed. He was waiting in the parking lot. So I said, "Follow me," and led the way to Carshon's deli, my mouth watering for lox and eggs. Closed. So I took him on one more drive (he later claimed he enjoyed the tour) and we ended at Ol' South, where he had a Dutch baby (Jamie's favorite) and I had--oh, splurge!--a blueberry waffle. I'm afraid to count my points for the day, though I had tuna salad and just a bit of potato salad for lunch and for dinner, sauteed scallops, tomatoes and sliced mushrooms--and didn't eat it all. I felt sort of efficient as I fixed two entirely different suppers in about 25 minutes--blueberries, cheese toast, cottage cheese, and green peas for Mr. Sunshine, and my saute plus a bit of reheated squash casserole. Jacob ate all but the cheese toast--apparently his mom doesn't cut it into strips and he wasn't willing to try when I did. I relented anyway and gave him a treat--a half piece of chocolate-banana bread Elizabeth had brought. Forgot how much mess a three-year-old can make with chocolate. He insists now on cleaning himself up, so it's sort of a half-job.
Between breakfast, Barnes & Noble, and the grocery store, I spent the day reading and napping. Lovely. I finished Wormwood by Susan Wittig Albert and have started The Bordeaux Betrayal by Ellen Crosby. Tomorrow night watch for my guest blog at Mystery Lovers' Kitchen. I was scheduled to be a guest later in the fall but they had an emergency, a guest blogger they couldn't find, so at 5:00 I saw an email asking if I could do it by 10:00 (which I think is 9:00 our time). Jacob cooperated beautiully, sitting in my office while I answered the blog questions, so I sent it off by six o'clock.

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