Friday, September 11, 2009

It was a dark and stormy night . . . .and death of a mother

It is truly a dark and stormy night, and Megan is driving from Austin with Sawyer and Ford. The big boys in the family--my sons Colin and Jamie, my son-in-law Brandon and his brother Gavin, are all fishing in Montana. So we're having a girls weekend in Fort Worth, with regrets that Houston is just too far for Lisa to make it and bring Morgan and Kegan. But Megan is having an awful drive--she planned to leave home at 3:30--whether she did or not, I don't know, but at 5:30 she said she was almost to Belton, and I expressed relief that she was past Salado where there was reported to be water on the road. Then she called to say she was still south of Salado, and half an hour later she reported she had moved four miles--massive traffice pile-up. I don't know whether it was due to an accident or just the weather. Last report, she was at West, which is just over an hour from here, so I'm looking for her shortly--it's 8:55 right now. I'm glad she brought sandwiches for the boys, and I have wine and supper waiting for her. Will be much relieved when she gets here.
Tomorrow morning, Mel and her girls, Maddie and Edie, will arrive, and weather permitting they'll all go to the zoo, while Juju goes to Central Market. Then early naps for the little ones and Juju, a play date for the children, tacos for supper, and the big girls will go bar-hopping while Maddie, Edie, and I babysit. I don't think the big girls are much used to bar-hopping these days, and I expect them home early.
Meantime I have work out the kazoo--three major projects due in October, and this weekend will see no work on any of them. But I always make my deadlines, and I will again. Retirement is not for sissies.
Scooby is happily in the house and away from the storms--the skies are still rumbling and thundering. A dark and stormy night indeed . . . .
A friend of Jordan's lost her mother to cancer this week. Jordan and Christian went to the viewing last night (I told Jordan tonight when I pass on, no viewing!) and she went to the funeral today. This morning she sent me an email that made me cry--it said, "I love you Mommie. Going to the funeral of a friend's mother is no fun." Tonight she asked if I had a file on my funeral, and I said yes I do. I want "Amazing Grace," preferably by a bagpiper, and I want "Go my children, with my blessing." I asked her if she'd know what to write for an obituary and she said no, so I need to do that. She and the other children know my parents as Grandmother and Grandfather, but I don't think they've ever thought about their real names, or some of the history of my life before they became a conscioius part of it. And I told her I wanted to stress that I was a mother and grandmother most importantly--author and publisher came after that. My friend Jean said this would make Jordan appreciate me more, but I said Jordan already appreciates me. I believe that, however, it may change her perception. Death is never easy.
And a thought on politics: like much of the nation I'm appalled at Joe Wilson's outburst during President Obama's speech, apology notwithstanding. I wonder what's become of civility in our country, and I am worried--okay terrified--by the partisan split. I read an editorial today that a country divided, like ours, is more vulnerable to terrorist attack--which seems true to me. When did we lose our sense of civility and good manners? A small matter, but I refused to let Jacob come to the dinner table tonight without a shirt on--it seems to me on such small matters the basis of consideration for others is built. What's happened to our society? And how can we fix it?

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