Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vacationing--sort of

Here I am in Austin, staying with Megan and Brandon, Sawyer (almost 5) and Ford, 2. Yesterday Melinda and I had a jinxed trip down--got stopped cold by an accident ahead for 30-40 minutes, got lost twice (once on the same road where we'd gotten lost before). We were almost an hour late for the meeting. All went well though--except for some books that didn't arrive in time for an author signing--and I arrived at Megan's about five.
Both boys had had the throw-ups and went everywhere each carrying their own pot, even in the car. They made it through the night and seemed better this morning, but they clearly had cabin fever--lots of fighting, teasing and tears. Tonight they are much happier and seem fine. Megan has been home, so though I'm sorry the boys were sick, it did have a side benefit. Tomorrow I think she and I will go to lunch and do some other things.
Today I had lunch with a designer who is a longtime personal friend--we talked a little about our respective crafts but mostly we talked about feeding our grandchildren. We've know each other at least 25 years, and it's interesting to see the directions our lives have taken, now with both of us so involved with grandchildren.
Last night when I sat down at my computer I had 103 message, many of which could be read and discarded easily but several that required answers. Took me some of last night and all of this morning. As of midnight last night I am officially incommunicado with my office--until next Thursday. Taking my mandatory five consecutive days out of the office. I think I'll enjoy the time but of course there are some e-mails I itch to answer.
I came down here with great intentions of working on my novel, but so far I don't see it happening.

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