Saturday, March 28, 2009

Breakfast with the pajama boys

These are my Austin grandsons, Sawyer and Ford, known as the pajama boys at the local I-Hop where they freqently go for Saturday breakfast. Their dad is hunting this weekend, and their mom and I took them to I-Hop. Now they're in the process of looking for the perfect bubble recipe on the web--apparentlly it involves a bit of glycerin, but Meg go the wrong recipe and it was a bust. We go from giggles to tears rapidly but it's never quiet unless Ford is taking his nap--when I plan to nap too. The boys figured out since I am their mom's mom I must be the boss of her (would it were still true!), since she is the boss of them. So they started calling me, The Big Cheese. Meg is ever so patient with almost everything they do, thuough she draws the line at some things.
It's very cold and windy today, though sunny and pretty and predicted to warm up. As usual I brought the wrong clothes, thinking it would be warm. I'm went to breakfast in a big old jacket of Brandon's and am now sitting in a long-sleeved shirt.
Last night was the Presidential Banquet of Texas State Historical Association. My good friend Fran was going out of office, so she was the honored guest and speaker,and I broke my five-day isolation, with permission, to go to the dinner. I went hesitantly, because I hate to go affairs like that alone, and I had crossed wires with the friends I planned to go with. But I gathered my courage, Megan dropped me off, and I of course had a wonderful time, saw all kinds of people I was delighted to see, met some new ones. I was really privileged to sit at the family table--I love Fran's kids and their families--and had a wonderful time. Only Fran can make a presidential banquet fun--her talk was about one of her East Texas ancestors, and so we had pot roast, mashed potatoes, black-eyed peas, and greens. The dessert was peach cobbler--with an iron skillet at each table and a delicious tub of cinnamon-flavored whipped cream! I was so glad I went!
Meantime I've been reading, answering e-mails (non-office only, of course) and napping and being lazy. Megan and I had a good lunch (with Brandon) and a fun shopping spree. I got some nifty pale green shoes, perfect with my dress for last night. A nice vacation! No working at all!

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