Friday, March 20, 2009

Smart cars and rabbits

Yet another day when life came at me fast. I rushed to work early so I could clear up a bunch of small details before an author appt. at 8:30--I thought it might take a long time, but it was brief, and I found myself with a gap of time before I had to go sell books at 10:15. No one else was in the office, and I didn't feel like starting a new project, so I just piddled and did small stuff that needed to be done--nope, didn't unpack or shelve those books. Went to sell books while Katie Sherrod, editor of Grace & Gumption: Stories of Fort Worth Women, spoke--and one of the hostesses turned out to be a woman who left TCU 15 years ago but of whom I was always fond. So I was delighted to see her again. We sold a good number of books, though I lost count.
Then on to the grocery store and home. I laugh at myself--I'm always rushing around to get home so I can relax. But I did get a good nap today before Elizabeth came for a yoga lesson. She was driving her new smart car, and Jay, Susan, and I all rushed out to examine it. It's wonderful---and I WANT ONE! The passenger compartment is as roomy as my VW and Elizabeth, whose husband dries a VW, said the smart car sits a little higher, which is an advantage. The back is a hatch, with plenty of room for groceries; Elizabeth said they have just ordered a pet liner so you can transport pets back there. Hers is red, but I would probably want the blue. The deluxe model costs about half what my VW cost me. Folks, I am seriously tempted. Only problem is if somewhere on down the road I wanted to transport two grandchildren at once, I couldn't do it; but as it is, I don't have a car seat for them, so never take a child in my car. And there is the fact that the warranty has run out on my VW . . . .
Jordan leaves tomorrow morning (very early) for two days on a fam trip to a new cruise ship out of San Francisco. For those who don't know, fam trips are to familiarize agents with the location or ship or whatever--and they are usually a lot of work, not just relaxing in luxurious settings. But Monday she'll go up to see her dad in Santa Rosa and be home late Tuesday night. Since I leave for Austin early Wed., we will pass like ships in the night. So I went out to have a glass of wine with her. We sat on the patio--their backyard is small and neither of them are really gardeners, but it's lovely and green, with a wide concrete area for Jacob to play on. And best of all, there are wild rabbits. One enjoyed his dinner of grass for about 20 minutes, until Jacob went too close and the rabbit ran into the bushes. I told Jacob we should name him and what name did he want? "Bunny!"
Jacob kept saying he wanted to go to Juju's house, and we tried to explain this was not a good night but he would stay with me soon. But after all those protestations, you think that child would give me a goodbye kiss? Not on your life!
I'm going to write tonight. I've decided there's a difficult scene stuck in my brain, and I need to get it on paper, even if I later go back and insert other material before it. So here goes!

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