Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sometimes Life Comes at You Fast

That's how I've been feeling lately--so much to do, so little time. I looked around the house this morning and realized there were lots of little things I simply hadn't done, none of which would take more than a minute. So today I did some of them--tried to fix the MacBain trivet table that had come apart (got it lightly fixed but a permanent repair will take someone stronger than me), got clean sheets back on Jacob's bed instead of draped over the edge, put away some folded clothes and found the tights I'd been looking for. When I went to the office, I had the same feeling--stacks of unshelved books, a box of books that hadn't even been opened, an absolute mess (for which I am in large part responsible) in the storeroom--I can't seem to keep closets neat. Susan is staying home next week while Melinda and I go to Austin, and she plans to dig in and get all that done.
Yesterday I had lunch and dinner dates, today I had an eleven o'clock meeting at my house (only three of six peole) came, and then lunch; tonight was the Friends of the Library annual dinner, where we awarded the TCU Texas Book Award to Joe Nick Patoski for his biography of Willie Nelson. And a big surprise for me--I was given the Carol Jim Renshaw Award for service to the Friends--a nice engraved lucite award. I was totally surprised, which everyone said later showed on my face. And Melinda knew about it all the time! June, dean of the library, told me she couldn't believe I hadn't gotten it years ago, so that made me feel good too. Apparently the award is a big deal and not given every year.
Pleasant dinner. We sat at the speaker's table--now I know why and why June was so insistent the newspaper photographer get a picture of her, me, the chair of the Friends, and Joe Nick. I sat next to Joe Nick, and he and his wife were most pleasant, interesting people--a lot of publishing talk.
And more good news: I'm on a roll with my mystery with scenes and ideas tumbling out of my fingers. Can't find enough time to write.
A lazy weekend looms--after an author meeting, a book signing at which I collect money, and a trip to the grocery tomorrow. But Saturday only holds a quick trip to Central Market and Sunday, a simple supper for friends. I hope to get some more writing done.

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