Monday, March 30, 2009

A cooking blog

This is a cooking blog because other than fixing myself a really good dinner, my day hasn't amounted to a hill of beans. I slept late, went grocery shopping (that involves two stores), had lunch with an old friend, came home to read e-mails, nap, do my yoga, and so on. A treat: the new Bon Appetit arrived today and I always love to leaf through the new issue--though I doubt I found two things in this one I wanted to cook. By suppertime I didn't feel I had accomplished much, though I'm going back to the novel tonight.
But that good dinner: I sauteed some mushroom slices in olive oil, butter and a little white wine, then sauteed Dover sole and put the mushrooms on top of the fish; reheated a twice-baked potato half I'd bought this morning (only ate half of it, so half awaits me tomorrow), and made my favorite salad--avocado, tomato, blue cheese, and straight lemon juice. Now I'm full and sleepy, but on to work.

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