Sunday, July 31, 2016

An unprecedented national dilemma

This country is facing an unprecedented dilemma with no easy solutions. Remember Richard Nixon just before he resigned? He was obviously a man falling apart. In retrospect we have Alexander Haig to thank for holding the country together and effecting a smooth transition ad Nixon flew off to California and Gerald Ford took office. I suppose we have mechanisms in place to check the mental health of our leader.

But as far as I know, there is no plan for checking the health of a candidate. This never occurred to me until I read too many posts questioning the mental and physical health of Donald Trump. Now I know that you can’t take Facebook posts as truth on any subject, and if I’d seen only one or two posts I’d disregard them. But I have seen too many that suggest Trump is showing the effects of extreme stress—physical fatigue, an unusually red face (I thought that was his orange make-up), and excessive sweating. He’s also forgetful—not remembering what he said from one speech to the next, confusing issues, showing an appalling lack of knowledge about today’s world, and telling outright lies.

Trump’s avid followers may dismiss these signs, but those of us who are concerned about our country are bound to see them as alarming. His sudden bursts of temper—as in wanting to hit speakers at the Democratic convention—are frightening, since if elected he would have his hand on the nuclear button. He seems quick to anger without reasoned consideration. Nor does he forget and forgive.

I frankly am terrified of a possible Trump presidency. I think he could blow us all up in a fit of temper. And I’m doing everything I can to get that fear across to voters. I know too many who say they can’t stomach Hillary—if they don’t vote for Trump, they’ll vote for Johnson or Stein. As good as giving your vote to Trump.

Hillary needs all our votes. And to cynics who range from despising to criticizing, I will suggest that in 25 long years of persecution, she has never been indicted for anything, never proven guilty. Trump on the other hand was just indicted and fined for stiffing a contractor. Come on, people, why isn’t this crystal clear?

If we are to build America and continue life as we know it, Hillary is the only choice. We simply cannot elect a loose cannon like Trump.

Please, folks, study the background, the candidates, and the issues. Put some time in on this—it’s your life, and your kids and grandkids. Too precious to throw away in some misguided rebellion against the system. No more war, no more bloodshed, no more hate and anger. Please?

Where is Alexander Haig when we need him?


Anonymous said...

Hillary has been proven to have an awful disease; chronic lying. Apparently she became infected during Slick Willie's administration and the disease has only become more acute during the community organizer, i.e. cop hater Barack Obama administration. The only anecdote for her disease is the truth, but she refuses to indulge in such foolishness.
BTW: I love you, but hate Hillary...

Judy Alter said...

So you'd turn the country over to a madman? Your prejudices re showing. Hillary has been show statistically to be the most honest of all presidential candidates in the upcoming election.

LD Masterson said...

I usually don't get into politics on blogs but you've hit on a serious issue facing many Americans. I have disliked Hillary Clinton for decades. It would serve no purpose to debate that point here - we're not likely to change each other's minds. But I firmly believe Donald Trump is suffering from some form of mental illness. Based on my family experience, it looks like the early stages of dementia. This leaves me with no one to vote for. I can only vote against. A very sad state of affairs. And the fact that millions of Americans are still supporting Trump as a presidential candidate is terrifying.