Wednesday, July 27, 2016

An Act of Faith

July 27, 2016

I did something today that I’ve been dreading, putting off, considered ignoring: I upgraded to Windows 10, impressed by all those messages that warned the free upgrade was going away. The internet has been filled with dire warnings about what happened to some computers—files lost, etc. There was even a program you could install that said Never 10 and would prevent any automatic downloads. In fact, I think I had the program but it wasn’t apparent tonight—when I clicked the download button, Windows was merrily on its way.

I’ve been meaning to do this at night, but each night I automatically turned off the computer and realized the next morning the deadline was looming. So this afternoon I started the download when I went to nap—very tired, took a long nap, and when I got up it was 96% complete—great timing.

So far, as the download promised, all my files are exactly where I left them. The only problem I had was that the print looked smaller but that may have just been me—I was tired. Jamie magnified it to 125% and it’s great. This is a big worry off my mind.

And that’s the other nice thing that happened today: Jamie, my younger son, came to visit, arriving in time to pick up lunch and bring it to the house. Jordan, Jamie and I had a very social lunch, and after she went back to work, he and I talked politics for quite a while. I finally took a nap, and he set up his computer on the dining table and began to work.

Wednesday being Betty’s night to come for supper, I asked if she’d bring chicken fried steak for Jamie and a blue cheese hamburger for us to split—all from The Star Café, the restaurant she and her husband own. She did, and we had a jolly dinner, with Jamie at his comic best. Food was delicious. And now I’m full.

Jamie is apparently coming off a heavy travel time for his office and says he’ll try to come spend a day or part of a day with me each week. I haven’t seen him for a while and loved having him here. He was good about doing things—putting dogs out, etc. His presence made it a special day, and I look forward to seeing more of him.

Didn’t get a lot of work done but I did draft one guest blog and keep up with email, Facebook, and the like. So many folks on Facebook expressed their pleasure at the report of my progress in growing new bone—I am grateful for all the concern, can’t adequately express how great it makes me feel.

So the curtain goes down on another good day. I hope it was a good day for you too. See you tomorrow.

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