Friday, July 01, 2016

Blatant Self Promotion

There is no other word for this blog. But for the time being I’ve introduced a new header for the blog, and I might as well explain—and brag. I thought I had posted about this but a good friend says it has not reached my blog, so here goes. It was all over Facebook and garnered many complimentary comments—I am in danger of getting the big head.

Through the summer, the Lone Star Literary Life web page is featuring me as a Texas author. The illustration you see above is the montage created for that feature, and it is accompanied by a most flattering write-up that you can find at To say that I’m thrilled, flattered, and humbled is a huge understatement, but I am all those things and grateful. When you retire and kind of fade away into the sunset, it’s wonderful to have your accomplishments recognized and celebrated. I remain proud of everything I did for TCU Press and of the books I published during those years. So please don’t judge me harshly for bragging.

Tonight was our potluck salad dinner—delicious! We had pea salad, pasta salad with chicken, tossed salad with strawberries and poppy seed dressing, potato salad, and fresh fruit. Looking forward to leftover lunches in the next few days.  The pea salad and pasta are what Jordan made last night when I unjustly worried about the outcome because she’d had a few cocktails—Christian’s wording, not mine.

and we had a hilarious good time. Have you ever listened to three men, each of whom does the laundry at their house, discuss the proper way to fold towels and the pros and cons of various methods? The evening went on in that vein, with lots of laughter, teasing about an inability to use an iPhone, and in general affectionately picking on people.

So tonight I’m feeling appreciated professionally and loved personally—can’t ask for much more than that. Long weekend looms but Jordan will be around and I have things to do. All will be well.


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