Saturday, July 02, 2016

A World of Hate and Lies

 As we get ready to celebrate our American heritage, it strikes me as too bad that the internet has spawned a world of hate and lies. Those who are aware know that Facebook brings out the vulgar worst in some people, a minority really, but they make so much noise they seem to be in the majority. Today, though, I was struck by the accusations

This morning I learned that President Obama is a Muslim fellow traveler and Hillary a Communist mother. Hillary should be in jail while the FBI charges are pending, and she is much more dangerous for our country than Donald Trump (but nobody said in what way). Obama has trashed the Constitution (what again is his field of expertise? Does someone say trashed because of his interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, which should be clear to any citizen with half a brain—the 2nd does not mean individual citizens armed with AK 15 rifles but rather a militia armed with powder-loading muskets).

Friends say if I get that upset by these postings I should get off Facebook, but I don’t think that’s the answer. For one thing, I enjoy Facebook immensely and for another it behooves me as a writer to keep a fairly high profile. Also, just as we ae called up to testify to our beliefs about religion, I believe we are called upon to try to spread a little sanity on the political discourse. I know you don’t convince people on Facebook, especially when their minds are made up the other way. To my way of thinking, they are blind believers but a good friend accused me of that in reference to the Clintons, so I’m sure conservatives see me as a foolish liberal. But if I can impress one individual with the idea that America is about equality and Christianity is about love and faith, not hate, then I will have made my Facebook angst worthwhile.

Today the world mourns the death of Ellie Wiesel. He stood for what I’m trying to say, insisting that silence helps the tormentor but not the tormented. His reference of course was to Nazi Germany, but I think it applies to present-day politics: if I remain silent, I help conservative forces who will take this country down a path I don’t want to think about. I will continue to speak out. Hope it doesn’t cost me readers.

Rant over. It was a pleasant day, though hot, and I am still grateful to be inside. Friends came for happy hour, and I am a happy camper. Will work some tonight.

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