Sunday, July 03, 2016

A world without dogs would be empty

How much of a dog person are you? How much do you worry about their sensitivity and feelings? Jordan arrived about six tonight bringing her two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels hoping to begin to acclimate them to what will be their new home. Sophie had just begun to chew on her dental chew (she gets one every night). This was the thickest big one she had ever had, and chewing on it was a long and hard job. She chew, and watch Cricket and June Bug warily, as though they’d come over and steal her chew. They wouldn’t. They don’t particularly like chews, and their temperament is far from confrontational. But Sophie was ready just in case.

At one point, David (one of my "other sons") put the chew on the buffet, at my request. Sophie came looking for it, sniffed it out, climbed on a footstool, and grabbed it off the buffet. David watched and said, “I’m impressed.” I told him poodles and border collies are two of the smartest breeds, and she is a dynamite combination.

Sophie is such an important part of my days since I’m home all the time. She gives me th companionship I crave. She sleeps on her chair in my office—that old, ratty, filthy chair is going to the cottage with me, because where else would she sleep? Maybe we can wash the slipcover. When I nap or at night, Sophie visits me in my bed. Sometimes she stays a while, and sometimes not.

In the late afternoon when folks gather for happy hour, she thinks it’s time to eat and demands her chew treat and her dinner. But she won’t eat her dinner alone in the office—she’s a sociable creature and wants folks around when she eats. Tonight, Cricket and June Bug made no attempt on her food, though Soph would eat and look around warily. It may take more for Sophie to acclimate than the two spaniels.

Tonight was a light summer supper. Jordan makes superb tuna, with the tuna I order specially from Oregon. I told David I’d be interested if he could tell the difference—he’s a confirmed tuna lover but eats Chicken of the Sea albacore. He took one bit of our tuna and said, “Oh my gosh, yes!” It really is soooo good. Now I have lunches for the next few days.

Tonight the spaniels will sleep in their shared crate in the sunroom, and Sophie will have free rein in the rest of the house. Jordan objected to that and said the first time she barks, she’s locked up in the office. My argument is that if she barks, she’s protecting us against something and we need to pay attention. Authorities say a dog that barks is one of the best protections against burglaries. We’ll see what Sophie does tonight—and what Jordan does.

I love dogs—did you guess?

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