Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Neighbors Night Out

Tonight was National Neighbors Night Out,, an effort to get neighbors together to strengthen the community. Susan Halbower, my neighbor, joined me, at my urging, on the front porch, and I issued a welcome on the neighborhood email to one and all to come by, drink of choice in hand, and visit with us. The police department gave us an amazing array of hand-outs--Susan is still giggling about police department chapstick, saying she'll tell a mugger, "Don't come near me. I have police department  chapstick on." There were hand sanitizers, fans that fold like the sun shields we (should) put in our windshields, small leather balls, emery boards, wristlets that say to call not text 911 in an emergency--a veritable treasure trove. We had hummus and chips ready, and Susan munched on an Oriental mix of crackers.
But it was sort of a bust. One couple we both knew came by with their two-week-old baby, a beautiful little girl. They brought a bottle of wine and their own glasses and settled down for a visit--but they didn't bring a diaper bag and had to make an emergency exit. Still, it was good to see them, and I didn't even know they had a baby, so that was fun. Our other visitor was a neighbor from three blocks away who said he was scouting out the neighborhood, on his bike, at the direction of his wife. They'd probably be back. And friends Greg and Jaimie said they'd walk up. But those things didn't happen. So Susan and I had a good visit. We had said 6-8, but about 7:30 she said she guessed she'd go home, and I didn't want to stay there alone, so I locked up. Never did see the promised police car come by to chat with us.
Neighborhood Night Out is a good concept, and maybe it worked better for other people. I'll probably still keep trying because I like living in this neighborhood and want to know my neighbors.
I have new neighbors on the east side of me, the house from which I've gotten several friends. A couple with two young children moved in a truckload of furniture last night but apparently did not spend the night. Tonight, the wife drove in with the two children, and we introduced ourselves and invited them over, but they were not staying tonight either. I'm looking forward to knowing them--the children are beautiful.
And life in Berkeley goes on--that is the neighborhood in Fort Worth, not the city. Today I proofed the printer version of the neighborhood newsletter and okayed it with a couple of adjustments. It would be easy to say I don't know how I ended up editor, but that wouldn't be true. I know exactly, and the former editor is at this moment kicking up her heels in New York, on her way to Europe, while I'm proofing ads with too heavy a screen. Such is my life of retirement.
Wrote 2200 words yesterday and 1200 today. I think I'll read a book tonight.

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