Monday, September 30, 2013

The Anxious Parent

I was never a nervous parent, hovering over a child at the first cough or sneeze. "I don't feel good" in the morning got from me a cheery, "Get up and get moving. You'll feel better." There was the classic time Jamie, who suffered from undiagnosed dizzy spells well into his twenties, was about six or seven and said he was too dizzy to stand up. "Nonsense," I said as I pulled him from the bed and stood him in front of me. But when I let go, he collapsed on the floor in a heap...and yes, I did feel guilty. A friend said my kids had to have 105 temperature before I kept them home.
Now I'n "raising" a two-and-a-half-year old Bordoodle and today she's sick. All my neurotic anxiety came out as my mind leapt to pneumonia or something worse. Yesterday she was a bit snuffly, and I considered giving her Benadryl but held off. This morning she woke me at 6:30, barking like a seal. If she'd been a child, I would have immediately suspected whooping cough. Called the vet and they confirmed my first instinct: giver her Benadryl. I could wait until tomorrow to bring her in. Benadryl seemed to help a bit but then she began coughing and spitting up a bit. I called and asked if I could bring her in this morning.
Diagnosis was what I suspected: allergies. But poor thing, she coughs so hard she must be miserable. And sometimes I think she doesn't feel well, but once I let her out and looked out to see her streak across the yard after a squirrel. And she was so anxious to get out of the vet's office that she nearly pulled the attendant down.
Not sure what to do with her tonight. I tried to nap but she coughed and coughed, that deep loud cough that there's no sleeping through.
Hate having sick children, but I don't think telling her to get up and get busy will do much good.

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