Monday, October 28, 2013

A stripper pole, white anchovies and bowling

My two Austin grandsons, with their younger cousin
Grandpa  "D" is to the right
Trying to show the size and style of this party bus that amazed me
That title of this blog pretty much sums up the great weekend I just had in Austin. Went down Friday--my annual trip that used to be for the Texas Book Festival but now is to see my oldest daughter, Megan, and her family--two of my grandsons, one of whom turned seven the day before I got there.
I knew Megan's husband's mother had rented a van, but I was unprepared for a party bus, complete with stripper pole, disco system, black leather banquette seats, black window shades (we pushed them up) and more drink holders than I every imagined. She said when she called they told her about the stripper pole and disco system, and she in turn told them we'd have kids and was that alright? They said sure because they have kids birthday parties in these vans. A riotous time! The bus took us to pick up Meg's brother-n-law and his family and then to Vespaio, probably my favorite restaurant in Austin. I had foods I love--white anchovies, lamb carpaccio, and a marrow bone. Then it was off to a bowling alley, where I was very much spectator. Finally on the way home, Megan, Brandon and their oldest son (nine) were dancing in the aisles and singing loudly to country/western music. An evening like I never expected.
When I had lunch the next day with longtime friends and described the bus, the guy said, at mention of the stripper pole, that something must have been lacking in his education. Nonetheless we had a great visit, and I was so grateful.
Saturday night, that disastrous game for TCU, found Megan and me the only Frog fans in a sea of orange shirts, but there wasn't much for us to cheer about except a huge pot of Brandon's chili. I gave up and went to bed before the game re-started at eleven, and Megan watched the recorded version the next morning. We both knew how it would work out.
Sunday, we went to the book festival, but I'll save that for another post, and spent most of the day "hanging out." I read and napped, and we had chili for dinner.
This morning Melinda, my colleague from TCU Press who traditionally drives on this annual weekend, and I met our favorite designer and good friend, Barbara Whitehead, for breakfast and then hit the road for home. I am glad to be back home, with Sophie, who seemed very glad to see me, but it was a wonderful weekend that made me appreciate all over again the strong bond I have with my oldest daughter. So blessed.

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