Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Texas' best seasons

Spring and fall are undeniably the best seasons to be in Texas. In spring, we have the riotous color of wildflowers and trees putting forth those first pale green leaves and shoots, but in fall we have brilliantly blue, clear skies, gardens that begin to flourish again, and gorgeous fall flowers. I noticed tonight that my miniature crape myrtle has lots of blooms. After a cold snap that made it too chilly to sit outdoors, we are enjoying perfect weather. Tonight, Jordan and I had a glass of wine on the deck and then when Christian arrived we all went to Joe T.'s just because, as Christian said, it was Taco Tuesday. Perfect weather, no mosquitoes, but some pesky flies. We laughed and joked and lingered over dinner.
I think every once in a while it does the soul good to have a "just because" day, and I had one today. Breakfast with my longtime friends of the Book Ladies, lunch with another longtime friend. In between I did bits and odds and ends but spent time browsing Facebook and being lazy. While I helped Jacob with his homework, I had one eye on the book I'm reading, not because I have to for this reason or that but simply because I want to. It's Anne Hillerman's Spider Woman's Daughter, which picks up the characters of her father's famous Leaphorn and Chee books. .
Maybe I'll get back to serious work tomorrow--I have a first draft to edit, always a painful process, a book to read for the class I'm teaching, a blog interview questionnaire to fill out, and various other things on my desk--an insurance claim to file, calls to make welcoming visitors to my church. But today I had a "just because" day. Just because I could. Who know, I may do that again tomorrow.

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