Saturday, October 12, 2013

Grandmothering #2

Jacob and Sophie
going to sleep
I knew today would be a better day because while Jacob and the dog were still asleep I weighed and found I'd lost three pounds in a week. Paying attention to what I eat really makes a difference for me, and I thought the weight loss was an omen of a good day. And it was indeed a better day, with much less electronics. We ate breakfast at the Grill--Jacob allowed later that maybe two pancakes are too much, and he should stick to one; I also felt over-served--asked for one egg soft scrambled but am quite sure I got two, and I ordered crispy hash browns. Too much for one used to eating cottage cheese for breakfast, and I came near having a sinking spell in the grocery store. But we did our shopping--and Jacob didn't beg for one thing! When I announced we had to stop at the liquor store, he said, "Oh, good, I love licorice." I had to explain the difference, and then he said "That's a yucky store. The last time, there was a barefoot man in there." When we got in, he said, loudly, "Look, there's that barefoot man again." I shushed him.
When I had the groceries unpacked and put away, he dictated his letter to Elizabeth--my goal of course is to get him to write it himself, but I complied again. Then he was off to lunch and a baseball game with his dad, and I worked a bit and napped a lot. Jacob's dad took him to the Old Neighborhood Grill, so that makes three meals in a row he's had there. Tonight we had dinner at home--but I let myself get talked into buying Spaghetti-Os.
This evening we've read--I think his parents settle for letting him read books that are too easy, so I made him read to me from The Boxcar Children and helped him sound out words he didn't know. Then I read some to revive his interest in the story. Now I have his promise that he'll shower in ten minutes. When we three--Jacob, me and the dog--sat together on the bed, I knew someone needed a bath. Sophie gets one Monday, and I'm not about to undertake that at this hour of the night, but I will stick Jacob in the shower. He loves my shower head on a flexible cord.
Big debate: are we going to church tomorrow? Jacob says no, but I pointed out we should go and tell God how grateful we are for all his blessings to us. Jacob answered, "I'll say a prayer tonight and tell him." I asked if he didn't pray every night, and he said, "No. My mom doesn't tell me to." Told him he's old enough not to have to be told. I think we'll go to church tomorrow, and then I'll fix grilled sandwiches of gruyere, carmelized onions, and sliced apples for his mom and me. He gets peanut butter. All in all, a nice weekend so far.
And, I've finished first edits on my novel. Will give it to my beta reader Monday at lunch and settle down to reading the last novel I have to for my class. Life is good.

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