Saturday, October 19, 2013

Chilly in Texas

I know northerners think we Texans are wimps about the weather. My brother used to call from Colorado when our schools were closed for snow and ask, "What you got, guys? An inch?" But we get more ice than snow. And the thing about fall weather, at least to my mind, is that it changes so fast. We've been used to this high heat and suddenly it's below normal--a couple of nights ago we were dining on the deck, but this morning the temperature was 40. Darn chilly. I had the greenhouse windows in the kitchen open (I have to climb on a stool to open and close them so I tend to just leave them). Tonight I closed them and kicked the heat up to 70--am considering clicking it up another notch. Sophie is curled in her bed, and I'm tempted to throw a blanket over her. Granted, it was a lovely sunny day but never out of the sixties. If I'd been outside running or walking hard, I'd have been comfortable, but I wasn't. I was at my desk--except for a long nap.
Tonight was the kind of night I wanted scrambled eggs and bacon for supper--my comfort food. I had leftover enchilada casserole for lunch and concluded it doesn't "leave over" well. And last night I had lasagna soup--delicious but it's now almost a week old, and I think it's time to get rid of it.
I'm reading Emerson Hough's Heart's Desire, a 1905 novel about the coming of civilization to a small valley in New Mexico. My noncredit class will discuss it Thursday night, so  need to get cracking on finishing it. I think if you read it as satire, it's pretty funny and good; if you read it seriously, it is almost silly. Wish I had Hough in front of me to tell his intention. Better yet, I wish he could visit the class on Thursday. I'm over half way through, so that cheers me. I'm at my desk, with a shawl over my knees for warmth, and hope to come close to finishing the book tonight.

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