Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The good kind of a day

Today was one of those days--not outstanding but good. I wrote two guest blogs (for July and the new Kelly O'Connell Mystery, Danger Comes Home) and felt my morning had been productive. This evening a good friend who calls me her big sister came for supper. It's not often in mid-June that you can enjoy the front porch, but it was a lovely evening, and we had wine out there. Mary talked about how fortunate and blessed she feels in her life (even though she's widowed) and that made me think the same about my life. She also brought greetings from an acquaintance who said she loves my books and my blog--thank you, Vicki!
I fixed a tuna pasta for supper--sort of started with a recipe and went from there. I meant to put asparagus in it, but the asparagus had gone south, as had the zucchini with which I was going to make appetizer crisps--rolled in butter and parmesan and then baked, they're heavenly. We had tuna pasta, too heavy on the anchovies (my fault) and salad with the hearts of romaine Mary brought. The tuna was not a recipe I'll keep, even with my fiddling with it.
Then we sat on the porch again for a last glass of wine. Mary is a pinot grigio drinker, while I'm devoted to chardonnay, so she always brings her own wine. Tonight she decided she'd leave the rest of the bottle for Elizabeth, but she had a devil of a time putting the cork back in. She whittled over the garbage can several times, finally got it in, and went to put it in the fridge, when the cork popped out again. More whittling, than back in the fridge. This happened three or four times, but she was a woman on a mission and wouldn't give up. I was laughing but when I asked if I could take a picture she said no. Guess it's not very dignified for a professor.
A good day because I felt I accomplished some meaningful work, because I enjoyed Mary's company, and because she made me realize all over again how blessed I am with all the good things in my life--family, meaningful work, friends, a safe and comfortable home.
And her fight with the cork gave me a good laugh.

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LD Masterson said...

Sounds like a very good day.