Tuesday, June 11, 2013

food and friends

Every once in a while a day away from our duties--for me, a day away from my desk--is good. I had such a day today, mixing food and friends. This morning I had breakfast with the Book Ladies, a group that meets once a month, sometimes talks about books, sometimes talks politics, too often talks about who is ill (the joys of getting older). I ate modestly as I usually do, because I knew I had a food day ahead of me.
This evening, I went to the weekly gathering of neighbors at the Old Neighborhood Grill. The cashier takes one look at me and says, "Meatloaf, green beans and wine?" and I say yes. Conversation is usually lively and fun, and tonight one couple's daughter and granddaughters--ages 3 and 4 months--were there which was fun.
But the highlight of my day was one of those memorable meals that you only have occasionally. Betty and I thought we should go see our longtime friend, Mary Lu, who has lived in assisted living in Dallas for several years. So we scooped up Mary Lu's brother and his wife, Alex and Virginia, and all went to Dallas. On the recommendation of a friend, we ate at Sevy's on Preston Road. Wonderful, interesting menu, but I had a meal I'll remember--lobster salad, which was really lobster bites on a crisp potato cake, with a creamy dill sauce, green beans and salad. I practically licked my plate, and when the waiter took it, he said, "You did very well."
The restaurant was, unfortunately, a bit loud, and with five people, we weren't seated really close. I probably have the worst hearing of the bunch, and I kept fiddling with my hearing aids, trying to make it better. But then I noticed others were saying,, "Pardon me?" and "What did you say?" and at one point Alex, seated on one side of me, said to his wife, seated on the other side of me, "I can't understand a word you just said. I didn't feel so bad. I sat next to Virginia, and since she was the person I could hear best, she was stuck with me. Never did get much of a visit with Mary Lu--the whole point of the trip--but had a good visit with Alex and Virginia and enjoyed it a great deal.
As good as the fellowship all day has been, that lobster plate will stand our in my memory. Wish I'd thought to take a picture of it.

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