Thursday, June 20, 2013

Being a grandmother on a birthday

This is Jacob, first thing this morning, using a flashlight to try to peek at his birthday present. Of course, I told him he could open it.
Jacob with his mom, after he opened his Minecraft figure. Who knew what Minecraft is? He showed me on Amazon, but it turns out I didn't quite order the right one. Still, he was pleased, and I promised to get the other one next year (by which time he will have moved on from Minecraft completely).
Jacob goes to day camp this summer, but he elected to spend the day with me --be still, my heart. What a great compliment from a seven-year-old. We went to his swimming lesson--impressive crawl, backstroke needs a little work, but he's pretty much pool safe. Then we went to the Dollar Store to get donations for him to take to Vacation Bible School next week--toothbrushes, crayons, rulers, glue sticks, things like that. While we were in there, my friend Jeannie came in--she was meeting friends at a nearby restaurant and was early, saw my car, and figured out where we were. We all trooped to Subway (Jacob's choice) where Jeannie guided me through the routine--I haven't been to Subway in years. My offer of frozen custard was declined, so we came home where he watched TV and I got some work done.
At three o'clock two other little boys arrived to go to Jacob's birthday party, and they were all wildly excited. Thanks to Don Lee for sitting on the porch with me while they whooped and hollered. Then Jacob's mom came to take them to Pump It Up and I, mercifully excused from that part of the excitement, took a nap. I met them, with Christian's family, at a restaurant called BJ's, new to me. Not good, not bad, but I couldn't hear. When everyone else went back to Jacob's house, I scooted home to work. But I got a sweet thank you from my birthday boy, and it was a lovely day that I enjoyed. I hope he did too.

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