Friday, June 21, 2013

Texas and convertibles

Texas is hard country in which to drive a convertible. In summer, the sun is too intense (and I've gotten a bit fearful of skin cancer after three go-rounds with it), and in winter it's too cold, though I had a friend who once owned a convertible and swore he would drive it in summer or winter, top down, with either the a/c or heat blasting. I'm not that brave, but it's lovely to drive top down in those brief periods we call spring and fall.
I drive a VW bug convertible, and I'm the proverbial little old lady from Pasadena who drove her car to church on Sunday and that was all. Since 2004, I've managed to put 27,600 miles on it. But one reason I got it was because I didn't want to be a stuffy old grandmother. Fat lot of good that did me--Jacob doesn't like the top down because it messes his hair. The other day we were on our way to a swim lesson, and I asked what possible difference it could make. "I want to look good when I get there!"
But one of the joys of summer to me is coming home from my daughter's house about eight o'clock at night with the top down. It may still be in the nineties, but the sun is down and the breeze is lovely.  Jordan and Christian often host a Friday night potluck, and I usually leave early to get home before dark. I put the top down, leave off my visor so the wind can blow my hair, and come home the scenic route, through residential areas with tree-lined streets and, then finally, through the park by the zoo. It's a heavenly feeling, and I am sometimes tempted to drive around just a bit more.
Other than that, this was a day of confusion--two medical appts. left me thoroughly confused about my insurance, I can't understand why the tax assessor's office billed me for my car license when the sticker on my car says 2/14--the office says their records show I last paid in 7/13--go figure! Next the grocery declined my debit card--two separate trips--and I forgot to take the chips for the dip I brought to Jordan's potluck. Everyone else there had that kind of day too, so I didn't feel bad.


Steve Welch said...

Some of the most peaceful moments of my life were spent tooling around on a warm summer evening in Fort Worth, the top off my old Suzuki Sidekick. Sometimes I would laugh out loud for the pure joy of it. Here in Jersey, I have a PT Cruiser convertible, and it's nice. But it ain't Fort Worth

Judy Alter said...

Fort Worth is a fine place to be. I thought last night the big old trees really added to the drive.