Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rescue: A story for dog lovers

Jacob, my Fort Worth grandson, was afraid of dogs until two years ago when I brought Sophie home Now he's a confirmed dog lover, and he's wanted his own dog ever since. Mom Jordan wanted one too but agreed with Dad Christian that with them both working full time and Jacob in school, it wasn't the time. They sure couldn't train a puppy. But Christian harbored a longing for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. When I said "Yippy little dogs with lots of energy," he said no, "They were bred to sit quietly on King Charles lap." It seemed a moot point until this week.
Jordan had begun to suggest they just walk through the humane society, but Christian knew what would happen. So he got on the King Charles rescue site and located a pair of sisters, ages four and five. Their owner died, and the widow couldn't cope. Crate trained, housebroken, calm, vetted--just right. After talking with the rescue society four times yesterday he arranged for the family to go to Waco this morning. It seems they would not let him go get the dogs and bring them home to surprise Jacob. They wanted to interview the whole family. I guess they passed muster, because the picture above is Jacob in the car between the two dogs, June Bug on the left and Cricket on the right, on the way home.
Jacob is euphoric. They don't jump on people (Sophie does but a spray bottle has almost broken her) and they don't bark. They seem to be adjusting well as this picture shows.
Tonight Jacob is at my house for a few hours but won't spend the night because he wants to be with his dogs--Christian hopes they'll sleep on his bed with him. As is too usual, Jacob's watching TV and I asked if he's all right, after supper. "No, I miss my dogs!"
Tomorrow is Father's Day, and Thursday is Jacob's seventh birthday--a perfect age to take some responsibility for dogs--so the dogs are a joint present, though Christian maintains they are for Jacob's birthday. He did not grow up close to dogs, and I think he's anxious for Jacob to have that experience.
I'm proud to say that all four of my children now have rescue dogs. Only Mom, the big advocate for rescue, has a kennel-bred dog. Sometimes it makes me feel a bit guilty, but I do love Sophie. Tomorrow I meet Cricket and June Bug--love those buggy names.

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