Sunday, February 13, 2011

Minor catastrophes and a major computer problem

Kids at breakfast

After a make-your own burrito breakfast this morning, my kids and grandkids packed up to leave. Their departure was not without catastrophes, however. Everyone was concentrating on getting Colin 's dog to put his feet inside his space so the hatch door could be closed. Kaibo finally complied, door was closed--on Morgan's hand. Lots of tears, bags of ice, lots of love, chocolate ice cream, and a bit of children's aspirin. At last report, in the car, she was drawing and could bend and wiggle her fingers, though they are swollen and red. By the time they left, we were getting a few smiles out of her.
Maddie had brought her regulation basketball, and she and Christian went to the school playground to shoot baskets. When they came back Christian and Jacob were playing with the ball and somehow Jacob got smushed in the face with that heavy ball. He recovered fairly quickly but was indignant that this had happened to him.
Everyone was finally off, I finished cleaning the kitchen, ran the dishwasher, started a laundry and settled at my desk--only to find that after about an hour my wireless mouse quit. The keyboard still works, but I have to use the mousepad on the laptop--and I prefer an old-fashioned mouse. Spent a lot of time tonight on the Logitech support page, tried to call but they were closed. I'll call in the morning but I have a feeling that I am only postponing the inevitable new keyboard and mouse. That was Brandon's advice, but I swear I haven't had mine long. B. says they need replacement because the letters on my keys have all worn off--doesn't bother me, because I learned touch-typing the old-fashioned way. My kids don't like my keyboard. That doesn't bother me either.

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