Thursday, February 17, 2011

Backaches, Crossing Guards, and an amazing dinner

Years ago an osteopthic physician I treasured yelled at me (in a public waiting room), "Nose and toes in the same direction--no wonder your back hurts." I've thought of that often since--I never turn to back out of a driveway but sight with my sideview mirrors. Last night I thought of it because I was doing search and find work on the computer, only my mouse is broken. So I was working with a keyboard and monitor in front of me, and a mousepad on the laptop to my right. Somewhere along the line, apparently not soon enough, I became aware that this wasn't going to do my back any good, and modified my position. Sure enough, I woke in the night with my right side so stiff and sore I could barely stand to turn over. It hurts to take a deep breath, cough or sneeze. So today I'm being very careful.
But because I felt crappy and because Jeannie was frantic with her car out of commission and trying to unload bags of dirt and fertilizer for a vegetable garden, we rescheduled our lunch and mattress-hunting expedtion. (I really need a new mattress--torn between Tempurpedic, Comforpedic, and plain old pillow-top). I stayed home, ate tuna fish, and--ta-da!--drafted a really difficult book review. I'm early with it, so I can let it sit and even send it to Fred for comments if he'll be so kind. But, whew, I felt a load slide off my shoulders.
The school crossing guard at the corner by my house and I have become friends. He brings my garbage carts up from the curb, occasionally asks if he can park in the driveway if there's no place on the street, and once came in to use my fax. Earlier this week, he stopped to ask about putting his car in the driveway and told me he'd lost his mom, either the night before or that morning. I told him about my granddaughter, Edie, asking if my mom was dead "Yes," I said, "for a long time but I still talk to her." Edie smiled and said, "I still talk to Boppa" (her great-grandfather). Today I gave Mr. Brooker a copy of his mom's obituary out of the paper, thinking he could use extras, and he said, "You look after me, just like I look after you." It's a nice, reciprocal relationship, and I value it.
Betty and I had an amazing dinner experience tonight. There's an email list called Groupon that Jordan somehow got me associated with. Every day I get a Groupon offer, and most days I ignore them. But I have joined the Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame for half price and gotten $20 worth of books for $10 at Barnes & Noble. Then I bought a $35 certificate for $70 worth of food at Bonnell's, one of Fort Worth's upscale restaurants that specializes in game dishes. We went tonight, and each had an appetizer sampler--eight items, so I had two each of elk tacos, venison carpaccio, oysters Texasfeller, and fried quail. Hard to say which was the best. WE had small Caesar salads and dessert--I had chocolate mousse (is there another dessert?) and Betty had Key Lime pie (the recipe said freshly squeezed Key Lime pie and I had this vision of somebody in the kitchen squeezing the pie). So full, but so good. Our bill was $14.01 apiece (wine is not included on the certificate) and we each tipped on the basis of the full meal and not what we paid. Wonderful bargain, even though I'm stuffed and probably won't even tell Weight Watchers about the meal. For next week, I have a certificate, purchased for $20, for $40 worth of food at So7 Bistro, a French restaurant where we went once before. There were some things we weren't sure about, but for a half price meal, we'll try it again. Not much work done tonight--but, oh, I have so much of it on my desk.

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