Thursday, February 24, 2011

Long day, short post

I arranged my day today so I could stay home all day and work--and yet it was lunchtime before I got back to editing my manuscript. I had to read email, read the paper, do a laundry, shower and wash my hair, do my yoga. All that eats up a lot of time. But I did spend a profitable afternoon working on my manuscript.
Tonight my memoir class met for the first time for the spring session. Lovely to have all those women together--they are so fond of each other, so sharing. We had one newcomer, but she fit right in and was the only one who had a piece to share with us. We listened spellbound to her reading about her father's descent into Alzheimer's. It sparked a lot of conversation, because many in the group are of the age where caring for parents is a major concern. Beyond that,  we caught up with each other's news and generally had a good time. I know I'm supposed to be leading this group, but sometimes I have a hard time getting control, because they head off in their own direction.
My longtime friend Linda came early, and we had a tuna supper--albacore tuna (that good stuff from Oregon) spread over greens dressed with a cilantro dressing and then topped with an avocado dressing. I decided to omit the chile from the avocado part but keep the curry. Now I think it would have been wiser to omit the curry and keep the chile--it needed that bite! I fixed pimiento cheese sandwiches for the group and, unfortunately, have too many left over. Sigh. I guess I'll have to eat them tomorrow.

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