Monday, February 21, 2011

A doggie play date

When Megan was five or six, the mother of a classmate called to ask if Megan was available for a play date a week from the next Thursday. She was the mother of an only child. I on the other hand had four children and hardly knew what they would be doing the next day, let alone a week from Thursday. I never ever thought about play dates for my children. They had each other, and there was always a string of neighborhood children around the house. Play just happened--it wasn't planned.
Today my grandchildren have play dates, events scheduled far in advance. It's really a foreign concept to me, but then again none of them have three siblings--I have three families with two grandchildren and one with so far an only child. Nor do the children seem to have neighboring friends who live on the same block, etc. like my kids had. A new world.
Scooby, my dog, had a play date tonight, though it was really arranged so the other "mother" and I could visit over wine. But I have occasionally thought that playing with other dogs would be good for him, and he is never inclined to fight. He's a lover, not a fighter. Sue came over, bringing her new, year-old black lab that she and her kids rescued from the humane society. Jack is lovely and sweet, though he was so busy smelling new smells that he didn't let me love on him much.  We put him out in the back yard with Scooby, and they danced around each other, sniffed bottoms, and began to chase and run. Scooby, an old man at eleven, held his own with that younger, bigger dog.  Both dogs occasionally came to the glass door and looked in as if to say, "We'd rather be in there with you." I laughed at Sue--she, with a teen and a pre-teen, was much more nervous about the dog than I've ever seen her about her children. She'd hop up and look out the door every so often, once or twice calling to the dogs when she couldn't see them. She was nervous about going to the restroom because Jack might worry if he couldn't see her. Jack was of course fine, it all went well, and we decided we'd have to repeat the play date.
Bonus: Sue and I enjoyed a long overdue visit.
Computer troubles: my remote mouse quit a week ago but the keyboard still worked; Logitech said they'd send a replacement; it arrived today, sans the remote connector. Now neither keyboard works and I'm typing on my laptop, which is not a happy situation for me. I could never write a whole novel on this keyboard. Logitech has promised to overnight new equipment. Please pray for small favors.

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