Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A gorgeous spring day, tie-dyed clothes, and Cabbage Patch dolls

We simply can't be fooled into thinking spring is here in mid-February, yet today it was sunny, a bit breezy, and in the upper 70s. I clamped a visor cap on my unruly hair, put the top down on the car, and purely enjoyed. Ran errands and then met a friend for lunch at Tres Joses, where they serve the best spinach enchiladas I've ever eaten. One enchilada and a side of refried beans is enough for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed the lunch--and the company.
I continue to be delighted with Turquoise Morning Press. Last night I was deluged with helpful emails--an author info sheet, a cover art and blurb sheet (both of which I had to fill out, which was no big chore), a style guide, an FAQ sheet (most of which was obvious to me, but then I've had along career in pubishing and I'm sure many of their authors haven't), and, most helpful, a spread sheet indicating what Turquoise Morning Press would do in promotion and what I need to do--which means I need to start yesterday.  Still have to clear other projects off my desk. Oh, and I was linked to the authors' listserv and soundly welcomed. A nice feeling, and I look forward to getting to know a new group of authors.
This morning I saw on the TODAY show that tie-dye garments are coming back into style. I always kind of liked them, and the New York Alter Aunt Amy sent a bunch to one of my gandchildren that I thought were delightful. I realized they are now out of style, but I am glad to see them back. Wish I hadn't gotten rid of two of my favorite shirts! The other thing that's coming back: Cabbage Patch dolls! I can't remember which of my girls was crazy about them, but I suspect it was Jordan--Megan was never much of a doll-playing child. This resurgence makes you wish you hadn't given those old dolls to Good Will. They might be worth something today. I'll have to ask my toy manufacturers sales rep son Jamie about them.
Meantime, it's nose to the grindstone, er, computer. I'm reading a book titled The Uses and Abuses of Literature--heavy going but most interesting. The kind of book you concenetrate on a chapter a night and then move on to lighter fare. But I will review it for the Dallas Morning News, and I'm grateful for the assignment. So back to work.

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