Sunday, June 13, 2010

What I did this weekend

I feel like I'm writing one of those grade school September essays on "What I did this summer," but we had such a wonderful weekend. Now, about 2:00 p.m. Sunday, my house is quiet and empty, the dog and cat are relieved to have their space back, I have a fridge full of dabs of this and bits of that to deal with, and I can't believe the weekend went by so quickly. Plus I definitely need a nap!
The Houston Alters arrived about 7:30 Friday night, the Frisco Alters, minus Maddie, about ten, and we were late getting to bed, although Edie immediately took charge of Jacob, somewhat to her father's alarm since he didn't know she knew how to put on an overnight diaper--where has he been? But Saturday we were up early to go to Uncle John's ranch for the day. The pictures above show Kegan and Jacob with my brother, Kegan riding the pony (all four kids got to ride twice each) with his dad Colin leading, and Morgan and her mom, Lisa, by the Longhorn--Morgan does not look happy about that at all. I'll probably post more pictures as I get them if everyone can stand it. Hot and tired, we had a great lunch--I brought lox and bagels, Cindy had smoked pork, a salad, corn, and lots of fresh fruit which the kids all love. Edie had made cupcakes for her cousins and we took them to the ranch. Both Jacob and Kegan fell asleep willingly, asking to go nap--Jacob without finishing his lunch. All the others took off to "look at the cows" but took side trips and were gone a long time, so Cindy and I sat on the porch--very windy and pleasant out of the sun--and took turns checking on the sleepers.
Jamie has wanted for a long time to ride his bike from my house to the ranch, so yesterday was the day. He planned to leave at six; he left at 7:30. Most of us left at 8:30, but Mel and Edie stayed behind. They beat us to the ranch by an hour, and we arrived simultaneously with Jamie. We went to Starbucks, then to Central Market for groceries, and then got caught for 20-30 minutes at a train crossing in Cresson--well, it seemed that long to me. The train kept backing up and going forward--apparently it switches tracks right there, a lengthy process. Colin kept saying, "Look at you. Why are you so impatient? We're out for a nice drive." As Jacob will tell you, patience is not my long suit (he says, "Patience, Juju, patience.").
I had been really worried about Jamie's long ride--he turned off his odometer when he turned off the highway but we figure it was about 60 miles, much of it on 377, a busy highway. In retrospect, he said it was probably one of his dumber ideas and he scared himself badly a few times, but he was proud he did it--in three hours! Colin was telling him the new route John and Cindy pointed out to us and said that was the way he should go next time. "I'm not doing it again," he said.
Last night the Frisco Alters went home, Jordan who'd been entertaining that day, came for supper, and Jacob elected to stay overnight again with his cousins. Grilled hamburgers, sat around, and early to bed. Today lunch at Joe T.'s, with a chance to hug Christian, and now everyone is gone.
When the three little children get to playing-Morgan is almost five, Jacob will be four this month, and Kegan just turned three--it's pandemonium in the house, but I love it. I love that they will have wonderful memories of going to Juju's and being with their cousins. Edie, at seven, sort of "mother hens" them all, though she and Maddie will also I hope have good memories. We missed the Austin boys, who would have loved the whole weekend. Apparently our next get-together will be the end of July. I love it that I have family who want to be together so much! I am blessed.

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