Monday, June 07, 2010

A Day at Home, a winning athlete in the family, and an upcoming get-together

This was supposed to be Sunday night's post, but as down, so here it is in the middle of Monday. Will I post tonight? Depends on what I feel I have to say.

I spent the whole day at home, though I didn't mean to. Jacob woke me at 7:15 with the news that he was sick. Throughout the day he threw up three times--one in the commode, once in the driveway (there went the trip to Central Market--he said, "I don't want to go to the grocery store any more") and once on the kitchen floor, barely missing the Kilim rug. Other times he sat helplessly on the potty, with no results except a bit of pee. In between, he was fairly content lying in his bed and watching the Disney channel, and I was content with my book, so we were happy campers. He crawled into bed with me early this morning and then again after nap, when he had a dream that scared him. So if he has a viral gastroenteritis, which my brother predicted, I'll probably get it too--darn! But it was nice to cuddle with him, and on a truly hot and humid day, staying inside wasn't all bad. I made a bison meatloaf and roasted potatoes for Jacob's parents for dinner, but we confined him to boiled potatoes. It was sort of a rushed dinner as they were in a hurry to get him home. I'm anticipating having to keep him after a doctor's appt. tomorrow, which is okay.
Our stunning family news is that Jamie won a fourth-place trophy in the triathlon he did today--it was in Dallas and I know no details about his times, number of competitors, etc., but wow! fourth place! Since Rob, who works with him, beat him by thirty seconds in the last race, this was a sweet comeback for Jame. (Rob didn't enter the race.) Jame was in Colorado much of the past week, sending bulletins about whether he was winning or losing at poker and pictures of the huge trout he caught. I worried that wasn't exactly good training for a race and then today I worried about the heat and humidity, but I guess mothers always worry when they don't need to. Anyway, I join with the rest of the family in cheering him on tonight.
Now I'm beginning to plan for a visit from the Houston Alters next weekend. The Frisco Alters will be here some or all of the weekend, and I'll have Jacob, though Jordan won't join us until Saturday evening and Christian will be working. Megan and her bunch can't come, but it will still be a good visit, and I'm excited. My way of working on excitement is to plan menus.
Stayed up way too late finished the second Stieg Larsson book, but it was worth it. Good writer, indeed wonderful writer, though sometimes I detected coincidences, plotting that didn't quite hold together, etc. Didn't keep me from hanging on every word.

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