Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Front Porch Reflections

We've had blessed rain--the slow, steady kind which does our gardens so much good. And instead of temperatures hovering near 100, we've had low nineties, in fact just 90 today. But at mid-day it was steamy, muggy and felt very tropical--awful. And then when  you came inisde the a/c struck like an Arctic blast--I considered sweats for a brief moment. But tonight it's cool, drier, and there's a wonderful breeze. I took a book out to the porch, even though I have tons of work on my computer to get done. I'm trying so hard to learn that lesson that I'm retired, it doesn't matter what gets done today and what doesn't--but  it's hard. I enjoyed sitting out there, reading, sipping wine, but I kept thinking that I'd get up and come inside to work. Hard to do because the evening light lasts so long these days. And every time I'd think "Okay, now," a breeze would blow through and ruffle the plants. So I stayed until almost dark--oh well, I can proofread tomorrow.
My stemware holder is up over the wine rack. It holds 12 glasses, but you have no idea what a difference that makes in my glassware cupboard. Before, you opened it at your own risk--glasses were liable to jump out at you. And every time someone used a water glass, I groaned silently because I knew it would go in the dishwasher and then I'd have to juggle around and find room in the cabinet. The problem has gotten worse since grandchildren came along, because we've added all those kid-proof glasses. Now there's plenty of space in the cupboard. Such a small thing is a BIG deal for me.
I rushed around this morning doing errands, particularly buying ground chicken so I could make those good Japanese burgers for Jordan, Christian and Jacob (not sure how Jacob would like them--probably without wasabi mayo). After a pleasant lunch with Jean, I came home and made the burgers, which involve a lot of tiresome grating of fresh ginger. Then Jordan emailed to say she was sick and going home--so all my work was for naught. I cooked the burgers, froze them, and ate corn, spinach, and squash for dinner.
Now, back to all that proofreading.

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