Monday, June 14, 2010


More ranch pictures. Top left, in order, are Edie, Jacob, Kegan, and Morgan. Next, my two Houston grandchildren in their TCU T-shirts, and bottom the three younger ones are sitting on the tractor. You can imagine what fun that was for them--Jacob's mom tells me he is still talking about Pony Romo. Not sure why Morgan and Kegan are wearing rain boots, but they are!
The dentist's office, even just for a cleaning, is not my favorite way to start the day but I did, bright and early. The people there, especially Stephanie, the hygeneist, are so pleasnt that it makes it more pleasant, but I once fell coming out of that office (after a three-hour stretch in the chair) and am now spooked about it. Stephanie walked me out, and I was home by ten.
Lunch with a friend, an evening visit with Charles at Trinity Terrace, some research and writing for that nonfiction proposal, and that was my uneventful Monday. No deep thoughts, though I have some political thoughts I'll refrain from sharing. (I can hear my brother breathing a sigh of relief.)
The Star-Telegram reviewed Stieg Larsson's third book, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornest's Nest on Sunday but I deliberately refrained from reading the review since I'm in the middle of the book. Fred tells me it was a fairly negative review, but I don't care--I'm really hooked on it.

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