Tuesday, June 08, 2010

One of those days

Not much to blog about tonight. This morning I was, to borrow a phrase from a fellow member of Sisters in Crime, a domestic diva (the title of Krista Davis' series of really good cozy mysteries). With most of the family coming this weekend, I got busy and washed all the sheets in the main house--except for the trundle which I'll do tomorrow. I don't much like housekeeping, except cooking and I don't mind cleaning the kitchen, but I hate, hate, hate changing beds.Three down, one to go. I'm fairly sure the linen in the guest house is clean. Plus tomorrow I'll have to wash all the napkins, place mats, etc, from entertaining.
Had a good lunch with my friend Fred, where we talked about all kinds of things but for once neither about the press nor about my work in progress. Just visited--he has a wonderful, wicked sense of humor, and we had a good time. Plus good food at Carshon's--I had lox and cream cheese.
Tonight I fixed lamb burgers for Jay and Susan--Jay howled when he heard I'd fixed them for Jordan and Christian and not for him. They were good, and I made a new guac--feta, lime juice and avocado. Really good. We sat on the porch enjoying the pleasant breeze and talking until almost nine.
So no, no constructive work done today, but a pleasant day. Hey, I'm retired--I don't have to set the world on fire every day. It's a lesson I keep trying to teach myself.

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