Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Good food and beer cans

Had a delicious dinner tonight. Betty and I went to a restaurant I'd been kind of avoiding becauses I thought it was all steaks. But on the way there I directed her by the beer-can house--it was in the paper a week or so ago and really is remarkable. It's a modest house, to say the least, in a mostly industrial neighborhood,, but the owner--obviously a devotee of Miller Lite--has decorated his yard with countless long strandes of beer cans. He threw rope or whatever or tree limbs, strung the cans and secured them to the fence posts. Then he learned to make Christmas-style ornaments by cutting slits in the cans and crushing them, so those ornaments dangle from the strands and every other imaginable surface. It is absolutely amazing. Apparently people like us drive by all the time and some leave him six-packs. He says when he's short of money, he just cashes in a strand.
Then we went to Lambert's for dinner--every bite was scrumptious. We ate on the patio which was nice. I had grilled quail with chorizo/cornbread stuffing in a cactus pear vinaigrette (an appetizer)--delicious, but next time I'll ask for the sauce on the side so I can pick up the quail and get every bite of meat. Betty had shrimp in a barbecue, white wine and butter sauce and loved it--she delights in ordering shrimp because she knows I can't eat it. We split a side of green chile cheese grits--smooth, creamy, and wonderful. The side was huge, and she took the remainder home to Don. We decided it was one of our best eating adventures ever, and we'll go back. Next time I want to try to wild boar ribs--and the grits again.
My neighbor Jay (you know, the handsome one) took Scooby for his summer haircut today. Scoob is always glad to be rid of that heavy winter coat, and I am always glad to be rid of the great clumps of hair that fell out all over the house. Besidees he looks adorable--Scooby that is,not Jay.

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