Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My last day in the office

Retirement doesn't feel good or bad--it's just weird. This morning I overslept and thought I had to rush in to the office because I had so much to do before a 9 am meeting. Well, I did most of it in 15 minutes, but then began to look around the office and realize how much stuff I still had to take home or throw away. We were in meetings from 9-11:30, and lots of times I had to resist the urge to say, "I'll call so and so," or "I'll take care of that"--truth is, I won't and shouldn't. So I suggested who to call, what to do, etc. (I'll keep going to staff meetings for a while as part of my contract work.) After the meetings, Susan, Melinda, and June (our boss) took me to my new favorite restaurant, Ellerbee's. Good lunch, good visit, fun. Then back to the office for double chocolate cake (shhh! don't tell Weight Watchers) and punch with the ladies in the building--again, much light banter and lots of fun. I packed up and finally went home about 2:30, to let in an overheated dog--it was at least 103 again today. Kept busy answering emails until 4:30 and took a late, late nap, realizing how tired I was.

Tonight I've been fighting through piles on my desk, trying to sort out all the stuff I brought home from the office and figure out where to put it in the house. Fortunately I can send a lot of files to the archive at Texas State University in San Marcos, where they have the Southwestern Writers Collection. But I really really need to sort my bookshelves--next project.

Throughout the day I got wonderful emails from people I've worked with over the years--almost gave me the big head. And just after I got home, Jordan arrived with a wonderful vase of roses; then Sue came over tonight with sunflowers and a bottle of good French chardonnay. So I am feeling very feted--but very tired.

I said on Facebook it might take me a couple of days to adjust, and one friend said it took her a couple of years. (I also got lots of nice comments when I posted that I'd retired on Facebook!) But I have so many projects facing me that I don't think it will be a problem. Meantime, my concentration is now on getting ready for the kids visit this weekend and preparing to cook quite a bit. After what--six-and-a-half hours, retirement is anything but dull.

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