Sunday, July 05, 2009

911 call, a nice day, and some good news

Life is never dull. A friend a bit older than me with a bum knee (well, she just had a replacement) had been nagging me to get a medical emergency alert device because she knew I'd fallen several times in the last six months--all, as Colin says, because I don't look at where I'm going. The last time was last Sunday morning when I was alone with Jacob. So now I wear the laveliere religiously when I'm alone (except for the two days I couldn't find it--Jordan found it under my bed, and I suspect the cat!). Tonight I was brushing my teeth, walked too close to the drawers in the bathroom, which stand chest high, hit the button, and it went off. The "home station" began dialing people, and I began frantically trying to hang up (now I have discovered the stop button). Jordan called in a panic, and while I was talking to her a policement appeared at the front door. I had to get the key and unlock the deadbolt, then disarm the alarm system (see how safe I am?) and finally opened the door. He took one look at me, wearing the lavaliere and immediately knew what happened. But he was really nice about it, warned me about keeping the key away from the deadbolt (in case of fire I'd never find it) and left with a cheerful, "Well at least you know the button works." I'd been wondering how to find out and so, yes, now I know. And I'll have to be careful.
Nice day. Jacob was full of spit and vinegar this morning, wearing a Superman cape and running around the house yelling, "I'm Superman." He likes to work in my office, which means he explores a junk tray which has some things he really doesn't need to touch--I left for two minutes to go to the bathroom, and when I came back he had the most guilty look on his face! But I saw no damage, either to him or anything in the room. Then when I settled at my computer, he decided he had to sit on my lap and watch the Disney channel--made it hard to work. He went off with his mom about eleven, and I got ready for company, read, napped, caught up on e-mail.
I thought my dinner tonight was one of my better. Jean brought a good healthy green salad (having asked before, she omitted bell peppers), and my chicken loaf was the best I've ever done, really good. They liked it a lot. Instead of the fruit salad I'd promised, I grilled nectarine halves and fiilled them with feta and put foil over them so the feta would soften and melt--really good. Sometimes my indoor Jenn-Air grill is really wonderful, though tonight I had to soak and scrub the whole thing--a pain!
About six months ago I sent my mystery to a publisher who knew me and my work and asked to see the full manuscript when I queried; having heard nothing, I emailed a couple of weeks ago, but I thought somehow from the web that the woman I knew was no longer doing acquisitiions, and I sent it to someone I'd never heard of. Tonight, just when I was thinking of emailing again, I got a nice e-mail from her asking if she could keep it a little longer. She is waiting, she said, for the green light to acquire for 2011. I happily agreed, explained that as a publisher I knew all about overcrowded schedules. Sounded like a good omen to me. I did send a PS saying I had the sequel written. all that encouraged me.

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