Thursday, March 06, 2008

Wintry weather

Most Texans today will tell you the world is out of whack, regardless of our recent primary election. We've just had our second snow in a week, with an almost-80 degree day in between. Yesterday was glorious, beautiful, the kind of weather that makes you want to garden. Today is bitter cold, wet, the kind of wather that makes you want to pull the covers over your head. I went to lunch about 11:30--it was cold and wet but nothing severe. When I came out of the restaurant at 12:15, cars and sidewalks were icy, and a mixture of snow and sleet hit us. I hurried home and vowed not to leave until the weather improves. Since I have work to do tomorrow, a lot of it, and lunch and dinner appointments, I hope it improves rapidly.
I had a voice message on my cell phone today, and when I listened it was apparently an unconscious call Jamie had made. I listened to him playing outside in the snow with Edie (Beastie), the youngest, for at least three minutes. They have much more snow in North Dallas--four to six inches. Jordan sent pictures of Jacob's first venture into snow--he looked very unsure about what this stuff is.
I'm buried in manusripts to read, a grant proposal to write (the press was invited to take its proposal for a series of recovered women's writings of the Southwest to the next level of application, which is wonderful but means work). And when I go to the office, I seem to get buried in detail. What a time for Texas to hold us snowbound. It makes you learn that the world goes on regardless, and missing a day of work isn't catastrophic, doesn't mean the end of everything. It just means you have to work faster when you go back.
Last night my church held a dinner celebrating the 75th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone. Almost 600 people signed up to attend, though I think there were quite a few no-shows. Still I was busy at the check-in table, and so many faces passed in front of me that I wouldn't have recognized my own children. I was grateful for the people I know well, like the wife of the former chancellor, who cheerfully gave me her name. I thanked her, told her I knew that one, but it was helpful. A couple of people just assumed I knew them, and of course I blanked on their names until five or ten minutes later. The dinner was remarkably good for serving that many people, and the program fun--all the living former senior pastors spoke. But it went on too long for me, and I made it home by my stated goal of 8 p.m., thereby missing the video which was supposedly the highlight of the evening. Maybe my friend is right--I have a touch of ADD.

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