Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hookers, deviant moms, and high-priced gas

Reading the newspaper sometimes really rouses my ire or argumentative side or something, and I found all kinds of things of interest in the paper this morning--it was one of those mornings I wished there was someone here to whom I could say, "Listen to this!" My father used to read aloud to my mom every item he found of interest, and I don't think it was a bad thing. (I think Mom occasionally thought it was too much!)
The first thing that caught my attention--how could you avoid it?--was the "news" that the woman involved with Eliot Spitzer had spoken out about how hard the last week has been for her (what does she think he's been going through?). What struck me though is that she's only 22. Her mom was quoted saying in effect it wasn't as if she were 32 or 42, she's just 22 and got into something obviously a lot bigger than she knew (no condemnation from mom about being a hooker, and that was kind of a relief--just practical sensible words). I'm sorry for Eliot Spitzer, sorry that he, like some of our other leaders, has such a glaring flaw that takes down a really brilliant career. But then again that often happens to the really righteous--they doth protest too much. And I'm angry at him--for his wife, for his children, for this young woman (he should have known better than to dally with one so young!). A friend of mine, divorced after something like 47 years, talked about the pain Spitzer's wife was obviously feeling as she "stood beside her man" at the mike. Such a sad affair all the way around.
Another sad affair: the Dallas woman who threw her two young sons off a freeway bridge and then jumped. I was astounded this morning to read that detectives were still looking for a motive. Really? This woman has a criminal record as well as a history of drug and physical abuse--and they need a motive? They should rush her to the nearest mental health facility. I am always upset that our legal system is hell-bent on revenge against people who obviously have no idea or responsibility for what they do. And then they're so anxious sometimes to put killers on meds so they can be sane enough to be put to death. Our logic, our humanity, our compassion--it's all out of kilter. (OK, I'm a bleeding-heart liberal. I admit it.)
On a brighter note, I read this morning about the blessing of high-priced gas: people are giving up their SUVs and Hummers for smaller cars, they're using more public transportation. This may be the moment that America turns away from its obsession with the automobile, the bigger the better. (But not Melinda in my office, who loves her SUV). As a Volkswagen driver, I feel very righteous--but even my gas is exepnsive these days.
I'm happily planning for a weekend visit from children and grandchildren. Colin and Lisa, from Houston, will bring 2-1/2-year-old Morgan and almost year-old Kegan; Jamie and Mel will come from Frisco with Maddie, almost 9, and Edie, just turned 5. We should have fun!

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