Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter nostalgia

I'm feeling nostalgic tonight for Easters of the past--when my children were little and egg-hunting was the most exciting thing they ever heard of, and even for my own childhood in Chicago where I always had a frilly spring dress and ended having to put a winter coat over it. Tomorrow Easter in Texas will be cold and windy with possible but not probable rain. We're not having the kind of big family Easter I like, with everyone gathered around my table (I need to get over the feeling it always has to be MY table!). Since Jamie and Colin and their families were here last weekend, they've understandably declined to come back, and Megan has houseguests. Jordan decreed that if Jamie wouldn't come here, we'd go there so Jacob can hunt eggs with his bigger cousins. So we'll do that and then go on to Jacob's parents' house for lunch. A kind of hopscotch Easter--and no church, about which I am also nostalgic. I can carry the meaning of Easter in my heart--and I hope do--but I miss the music, the ritual, the sense of joy and rebirth, and the community of worshipping together.
Another bit of my nostalgia crumbled this morning when we took Jacob to the country club for the annual egg hunt. I had told Jordan I'd meet them in the lobby. Redundancy! There were 10,000 people in the lobby, including quite a few grandparents. I was particularly struck by the little girls in organza and ruffles and all kinds of finery--to go out in the damp grass and look for eggs. The whole thing was a madhouse--when we finally were released into the egg area, Jacob wandered about aimlessly, having no idea what he was doing--and bigger kids had swept away all the eggs, even though they were supposed to be separated into age groups. My impression, perhaps cynical, was that all those preppie moms and dads, now into their thirties, were pushing their kids toward the "perfect" childhood, complete with video cameras. But of course, there were my kids with a video camera--but at least Jacob was casual in his jean jacket. Christian muttered that next year we'd hunt eggs at their house and everyone could come for lunch. A good idea--I'll cook the ham, since I'm sure Jordan has no idea how!
I did have my own Easter dinner tonight--Coho salmon with a buerre rouge (not the best buerre rouge ever but it was my first--and it tasted pretty good), a stuffed baked potato with smoked salmon and chives (funny how often smoked salmon turns up on what I eat--I had eggs and salmon for breakfast, and a salmon/cream cheese/tomato sandwich for lunch--good things it's healthy for you!).
The Scots have gotten precious little attention from me today. I'm reading a mystery, and I made two trips to Central Market--Jamie called tonight to ask if we were bringing candy, and I assured him his sister had gotten it. Then I called her--she never thought about candy to put in eggs and only got candy for baskets. I had a certificate for $10 free bulk candy and my receipt proving I'd spent the required amount this morning, so back I went to Central Market. Tonight I'm going to continue that mystery and be really lazy.

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