Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter and its blessings

When I count my blessings this Easter, family and grandchildren lead the secular list. A day that I had been apprehensive about turned out to be truly wonderful, albeit with a couple of misunderstandings. We got to Frisco about ten and were greeted with loving hugs from the girls. Jamie was working out, and we waited for him then shared Easter baskets. Jamie had thought we were eating lunch with them and had two bbq pork butts in the oven--the kitchen smelled heavenly! Jordan thought it had been made clear we had to go to Coppell around noon or shortly thereafter--before the bbq was quite done. But that didn't put too much of a damper on the day. Mel bustled around and fixed a wonderful lunch of salad, cheese and fruit--and I contributed hot cross buns though I think Christian and I were the only ones who ate them. And Christian was suffering from hunger--a meat and potatoes man who had not had breakfast, he was only slightly cheered by the delicious lunch, but the rest of us loved it. Then the children hunted eggs outside, though a cold wind blew through the yard. Jacob still didn't quite get the idea--he'd open a plastic egg, find the candy, and throw down the egg. Maddie and Edie were sweet about helping him find eggs, but . . . .

The Burtons left about 12:15 for Coppell, and I stayed behind to visit with Jamie and Mel and the girls and eat a wonderful pulled pork sandwich lunch (seemed like a second lunch). Jamie took me to Coppell about 2:30, just when they were finishing lunch, and I had pie with the Burtons. Then we sat and watched Jacob play for two hours--he loved having center stage with all his family atching and was charming, cute, funny, and occasionally outrageous. But I am not good at hanging out and began to get antsy. Of course it took a half hour to leave, which made me more antsy, but we got home about six, so I could feed my animals and sink into my routine, which is just what I did. But with lovely memories and some good pictures.

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