Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Using my camera

Mostly this blog is to prove that I'm using my camera and can successfully post pictures on the blog. Jacob brought his mom to dinner last night, and while she actually snapped the pictures I did everything else. We had a delicious supper, if I do say so--baked salmon basted with basil and oregano butter, sauteed fresh green beans and sliced mushrooms, and salad. Jacob had ketchup. His new deal is he comes in the front door and makes a beeline for the corner where I keep my walking sticks, shouting, "Mine, Mine, Mine!" When I shout back, "Mine!" he grins and says, "Tick!"

I'm a happy camper this morning over the election though I guess I'm a bit naive. My neighbor, a conservative who happily disagrees with me about politics, stopped by last night to say he had voted for Hillary. When I expressed surprise, he said, "I just want to keep the contest going." Being naive and also talking too loudly (we were outdoors, with the polling place across the street), I said, "You dont' want McCain, do you?" I know I sounded incredulous. He laughed, said he didn't want any of them, and was moving to Canada. We agreed on a compound. But then this morning I read that a lot of Republicans crossed over to vote for the candidate they considered the weakest. To me, that's dirty politics, on a par with some of Karl Rove's tricks.

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