Sunday, October 27, 2019

The party’s over

Party atmosphere at Joe T.'s

It was a wonderful weekend, but now the Austin folks have left, the Burtons have gone to meet his parents for supper (at Joe T.’s again!), and I have put a meatloaf in my toaster oven. Back to routine. It was a real treat to have the Austin family here—they’re building a new house (and living in a two-room garage apartment) in addition to their already-busy lives, so it’s been a while since they’ve been here. If the app on my phone is correct, they are within a block of home as I write.

Had a great time at Joe T.’s last night. I am not sure I have ever seen that always-crowded restaurant so overrun with people. They were milling in the street, packed three deep on the ramp up to the patio. Party atmosphere was happy and celebratory—I suspect most of them were celebrating TCU’s stunning victory over Texas. In our little group, Brandon was the only aggrieved party, and he soon recovered his good spirits. I got to sit next to three grandsons—of course they had their heads buried in their phones.

Today a leisurely date, late breakfast. Christian made baggie omelets—really, you put two eggs in a quart-size freezer baggie, along with whatever else you want—chopped bacon, diced ham, grated cheese, diced scallions—scramble it up and drop into boiling water for 12 minutes. I like eggs
Christian's baggie omelet
not quite so cooked—Christian say I like them runny, but I prefer to say “soft”—so I would cook them a bit less. But the way it turns into an omelet is remarkable. We ate in shifts because you can only boil so many baggies at a time.

I’ve been tracking family members today. Jamie, my younger son, did a half Ironman in Waco today. His daughter reports that he finished, and all is well. A mother does worry about these things. My phone tells me they are in Hillsboro, on their way back to Frisco. More worrisome—my children’s half-sister had to evacuate the family farm in the hills above Santa Rosa, CA. Prayers going her way.

            So now I have an evening to read the mystery I’m half through and prowl through the newest issue of Bon Appetit. Sophie is snoozing—all the people this weekend wore her out. Oops—my timer just went off. Meatloaf’s done!

My resolve for the week: get down to serious work. I’ve been lollygagging. Hope everyone has a great week.

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