Sunday, October 08, 2017

Sunday dinner and other food matters

Jordan and Christian have subscribed on a temporary basis to one of those food delivery services that sends you meat, spices, recipes, etc.—everything you need. The one they chose is HelloFresh, and I’m wondering if it’s the one that is Fort Worth-based.

Tonight, we had meat loaf, oven-roasted sliced sweet potatoes, and fresh green beans. Delicious. Sunday night dinner is a tradition in my family, as much as I can make it continue, and the Burtons help me cling to it. Jordan, I think, appreciates the tradition, and Christian likes the opportunity to cook.

I had toyed with the idea of these delivery services—one daughter-in-law has tried one, and another has become a rep for a company that sends recipes and spices, while you provide the meat and other fresh ingredients. I was stopped by two things: I really like to cook, follow (or deviate from) recipes, and a food delivery service is a bit much for one person. So it was fun to experience the meal tonight. Jordan tells me pork chops are next up, after Christian cooks the roast he’s had in the freezer forever. Problem there: I wanted to cook it with my recipe—red wine, onion soup mix, and mushroom soup. Another time.
 After dinner, Jordan and I sat out on the deck, and when I mentioned that I wanted her to take a picture of the bougainvillea, she said she'd take it with me in front of it. I don't look so great, but that is the most gorgeous potted plant I've ever seen. It doesn't measure up to those that grow free on rooftops in California, but in a pot, in Texas, it's pretty spectacular. It would show up better in daylight. With the patio at my door I don't sit on the deck much and this too was a treat--with Sophie at my feet.

Grocery shopping has been a problem for me lately. Getting used to new medications has been an ongoing process, and I frequently had no appetite or interest in exploring new recipes. When I did find something I wanted to cook, I’d buy the ingredients and then something would come up—Jordan would fix a family meal, leftovers demanded to be eaten, dinner invitations came, etc. I’d buy ingredients for something I wanted to fix, and then life would interfere, and the ingredients would sit in my fridge. Right now, I have a really good ham slice meant for chicken and ham croquettes, which sounded good to me at one time but when I reread the recipe, it was too much trouble and required cooking capabilities I don’t have. I threw it out and decided to make ham salad tomorrow. But now I have leftover meatloaf—life’s dilemmas.

And sometimes I find something I want to cook right then—I don’t have the ingredients. Were I mobile, with a car, I’d just go get it—used to do that a lot. But I can hardly ask Jordan to take me to the store for one ingredient. As she says to me frequently, we need a better system.

Meantime, with cabin fever threatening, I am making a concerted effort to get out more and have people in more often. Grateful for the friends who have stuck by me during my bouts of less- than-ideal health and for new friends I’ve made in the last year.

Which reminds me. A post in Facebook this morning sent my mind to thinking again about how many good, kind, caring people there are in the world and in this country. Specifically, it was about a plane-load of truck drivers who heard the call that help was needed in Puerto Rico and, as one said, made an instant decision to join and fly down there to do whatever they could. I can’t help wondering how, in a country with so many wonderful people, we turned our government over to a bunch of selfish, ambitious, egocentric men.


Unknown said...

Judy, given your grocery shopping problem, Wal-Mart can help with that. All you have to do is call them and give them your grocery list. They do all the shopping for you and let you know when your list is made. You call them when you drive up to the door and they come out and put it in the car for you. Although you have to go and pick it up, you don't have to spend the time shopping. Just a quick trip there and back. That might help Jordan out, given how hard it is to take you to the store. I haven't used it but my son has and says it really stops "impulse" buying. I know there are other services where they fill your list and deliver it but off-hand I can't remember their names. I do know a couple of guys who are like me who use them and they are satisfied with the result. They're usually in my AA group and I"ll ask them more about it the next time I make it to a meeting. Usually I'm pretty regular but it was hard to get there with the pickup lately. Now, I have the Edge and can handle it with no problem at all. Leone has been after me to take up one service that prepares the meals, etc. and delivers them weekly to your door so all I would have to do is warm them up in the microwave. You choose your menu ahead of time. But I know little else about them, i.e. how much it costs, etc. I don't worry about anything Leone recommends as I know she checks such things out THOROUGHLY. For example, before I bought the Edge, she got together with Nat and the two of them even did "car shopping" for me. The only time I was involved in selection was when she picked me up to test drive the one they had come up with and ended up buying. Nat took over the negotiating process and got a very good deal on it. He even handles the insurance, registration, everything. The only thing I had to do was sign a few papers that were overnighted to me along with return FedEx pre-paid envelope for returning. He handles absolutely everything for me, paying bills, etc. And, he also calls me at least once a week just to chat (usually for more than an hour) and make certain everything is all right. Occasionally he comes across a book or two that he thinks I might like to read and mails them to me. The very few bills that he doesn't handle Leone does although he has told her he is willing to do everything if she wishes. Such as my cell phone. Whatever is left over from my VA allotment after bill paying he buys cds in my name and I get an accounting every time I ask for one. He was appointed such by the VA so has to be bonded for approval. The books are also checked by the VA twice a year. All in all, I just live and do not have to worry about anything---which is what my doctors said was necessary, now. I get an "allowance" which was chosen by me but if something comes up that I want, etc. all I have to do is tell him and if he approves (and he usually does) he sends me a check immediately. He lives up in Plano. Anyway, I've gotten off-track a bit but thought I would write and tell you about Wal-Mart, etc. Oh. Those who take the groceries out to your car are not allowed to take tips, too. And, as I said, Randy has said the service is very good from personal experience.

Judy Alter said...

Thanks, Randy. I'm so old-fashioned that I've resisted those shopping and delivery services, but it might be something I should consider. My Austin daughter, a busy lawyer, uses one that allows you to order as many times a week as you like for only $8/month plus tip. I forget the name. It may be something I need to consider. Today I'm of the "eat what's in the fridge and freezer" mindset but I really want to get back to my experimental cooking. And the grocery store is a bit of sociability for me--I enjoy it.
Your VA-appointed person sounds like a treasure. I have a desk full of business details to attend to this morning. Have a happy day.