Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Earthquakes, sewer lines, and oh, my!

I came home today from a delightful lunch to find workmen ringing the front doorbell. They explained they were from the gas company, needed to run a camera down the sewer to make sure it wasn’t damaged during the move of the gas meter. Turns out though they couldn’t find the sewer trap or whatever it is. One said they’d go up on the roof, which puzzled me a bit, but okay. But pretty soon there were three men with impressive equipment prowling around the back yard. I called our contractor who told me where the trap was. They found it and said the line had collapsed, due to age.

I know I have a suspicious mind, but they were checking for their damage, found it collapsed, and it was due to age? I was doubtful, but just then Jordan came out to the back yard, curious to find three men there when she got home. She’s good at holding her own in situations like that, so I bowed out. Our schedules haven’t meshed, so I don’t know what they concluded, what she found out, etc. Contractor asked if we were having troubles with drains or toilet, but the answer is no. I’ll wait to talk to Jordan before calling the plumber who knows this house well.

This evening, I was waiting for Betty and Jeannie. We were going to have a glass of wine and catch up before Betty and I went to dinner and Jeannie went home to care for her husband, whose health is not good. But Jacob came out saying he was really freaked. Things in the house were shaking, and he heard footsteps. He grabbed two paring knives, after I assured him a bread knife was not a good weapon and went back in to get his homework. This time, he felt a sudden breeze and heard a voice say, “Leave.” He came running out, carrying both knives point up—yes, my heart was in my throat. He was convinced my old house has ghosts. When Betty came, she went in with him, declaring that she was excellent at detecting ghosts. By gosh, she came out and reported that items on the kitchen counter were dancing. She said earthquake, but I could hardly believe that when I felt nothing in the cottage. But there was an eleven-year-old boy and a seventy-something-year-old woman telling me earnestly there was an earthquake. Still waiting for a rational explanation.

Jeannie cancelled, and I told Betty I had planned to put out smoked salmon and cream cheese. Upshot was we had a delicious dinner of open-face sandwiches of cream cheese, tomato, diced scallion and smoked salmon—plus a thick slice each of Braunschweiger, because I know she likes it. Yeah, they don’t go together, but it was good, and certainly all I needed for supper after a large lunch. Thanks to Sharon Corcoran for taking me to Aventino’s where I had lasagna, intending to bring half home for lunch. Yep, I ate the whole thing.

A puzzling day to say the least.


Unknown said...

Climbing on the roof to check sewer lines isn't that unusual. I had to have it done when suddenly "stuff" started backing up not only in the toilets but showers as well. What a mess! Of course, this was on a Sunday so when Leone called a plumber he said we had to pay "holiday" rates. Of course, we had to. He ended up going up upon the roof and running a line down the vent pipe and found that it was, indeed, plugged. It took four hours to clear it out. Bill? Nearly $500. It seems holiday rates are very high, indeed---$300. THEN normal charges kick in. Now, I have a vent inside that I can pour Plumber's Helper down every two months or so to insure everything is kept "clean".

Judy Alter said...

My contractor explained the roof business to me too. The gas company's final verdict was that we could have it cleaned out but that's a temporary fix and eventually it will collapse. Right bow things are working fine, so I'm left with the dilemma of preventive care vs. crossing my fingers. Since there's only one commode in the cottage, I'm inclined to have it checked out.

Anonymous said...

Ordnance was exploded at old PD Academy, there were many reports old buildings shaking in downtown Ft Worth.