Saturday, May 06, 2017

Help Me Decide

Two cover choices for my novella, “The Color of Fear.” I have asked my family and a few friends. Their reaction has almost always been for cover B, but when I explain my thinking, they usually agree. I want your opinion.

Cover B is obviously more eye-catching, quivering with tension. It makes my stomach knot. But it is not me. I write cozies. I’m afraid someone would buy the novella and be disappointed (it is about the kidnapping of an infant, hence the booties in Cover A and the bassinet in B). The novella will be in the Kelly O’Connell Mysteries series, and I think this cover matches others in the series and picks up the Craftsman architecture theme nicely. I love Cover B but a book-savvy friend said she dislikes monochromatic covers, because they tend to fade into the background.

I have almost decided on Cover A with some modifications, but I could be persuaded otherwise. Let me know what you think. And there’s a third possibility—I can ask for a third rough sketch. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

On a totally different note, I watched an old friend leave the house today. Men came to pick up an overstuffed chair I’ve had for over forty years. It was big, soft, comfy—big enough for two, and back in the day, when we were all young and had big parties, I watched more than one romance begin and flourish in that chair.

It’s clearly too big for the cottage, but I moved it out here because it had become “Sophie’s chair”—where she slept day and night. As a puppy, locked in the office with me and the chair, she ruined the upholstery with her chewing. These days she’s in and out of the backyard frequentlyWhat a wonderful post, Judy. A lovely insight about your younger self's wisdom, and how you have grown as a writer. It's great that you are continuing to allow that book to reflect the growth, and to keep reaching readers. Clearly it's a story that resonates. Thanks for sharing this.
 and has stained the chair with mud, leaves, and general dirt. The dilemma: where will she choose to sleep now that her chair is gone. One of my newly upholstered chairs will go in its place, but I am scheming about ways to minimize her damage without hurting her feelings.

Oh, the things we do for our dogs.


Victor Wadsworth said...

I like the cracked lumber boards, not to hot on the shoes. The second what makes the woman look in a certain direction & I always love shades of darkness & shadows. I go with #1, it makes your name look bolder, I buy the book for the author, I can read the cover for free.

Randy Eickhoff said...

Well, Judy, my comment probably means nothing not being familiar with the novella, but here goes:

I prefer "A" to "B" as "A" not only shows the intent of the novella but suggests a "happy ending". It seems to me to be more "true" to your type of writing in other books (and I've read quite a few) and is more in keeping with the concept of a "cozy". "B" is more dark and suggests that the book is going to be more of a "thriller" along the lines of Koontz and King. More the dark side of man and suggestive of no hope. If I did not know you, I would pick up "B" if I was looking for a book that is filled with despair and agony, a book more along the line of what happened with the Lindbergh kidnapping where the baby was killed and left in the woods. The only thing that I would probably add to "A" is a baby rattle next to the shoes. But one that uses bright colors. You have been in journalism enough to know that the reader's eye enters the page from the upper left and proceeds rapidly in a clockwise motion. I would probably present the shoes askew to suggest mystery. But I most definitely would go with "A". Does this help?

Judy Alter said...

That helps a lot, Randy. Thanks. It gives credibility o my instincts, and I appreciate it. No, I didn't know the eye enters from the top. Learn something new every day.