Thursday, May 04, 2017

A Day of Family Milestones

Madison Lane Alter, my oldest grandchild is eighteen today, and Megan Alter Hudgeons, my oldest daughter, celebrates a twenty-year anniversary of her graduation from law school this weekend. I am so proud of both I’m busting my buttons, buy a corner of me is crying, wanting to hold on to the past.

Maddie was a magical child, the first grandchild and adored by six aunts and uncles on my side of the family and an uncle on her mother’s side. We were all sure we’d never seen a more beautiful child. She was sweet and smart, more than a bit willful, but she knew how to enjoy life. We worried about how she would adjust to a sibling but when her sister, Eden, came along, they loved each other—and still do. Spats, yes, but I’ve never seen an outright fight, and I’ve seen lots of sharing. Eventually five cousins followed, some in a cluster, and Maddie was patient, loving and kind with them. They adored her, and it appeared mutual.

Always a good student, Maddie demonstrated several interests as she went through school—voice and guitar, theater, basketball. She learned sign language, and in her junior year in high school she earned her certificate as a Certified Nurses’ Assistant. She’ll go to Boulder, the University of Colorado, in the fall. No telling, but she’s likely to end in some form of health care—she has in the past expressed interest in working with children, particularly those who are hearing challenged.

Maddie drives a Jeep, works after school, has a busy social life, and is the all-around kid. We’re all excited for her future, which looks rosy.

Megan and Brandon
When Megan was a child, I told her she’d be a lawyer because she argued with everything I said. “Mom,” she’d protest, “don’t program me.” But my prediction came true After graduating with honors from TCU, she worked as an admin for a Texas legislator for a couple of sessions, and then enrolled in the UT Law School, where she met fellow student Brandon. This fall, she will mark twenty years with the international law firm, Norton Rose Fulbright and Jaworski.

We always say once a child gets in Austin, you can’t blast them out. Megan and Brandon live in Austin. They’re raising two fine sons, Sawyer and Ford, and are gradually redoing an older house.
Megan with her sister, Jordan

Like all my children and grandchildren, these two bring light and life to my days.


Anonymous said...

Tell me your secret for raising these children whom I also love. I have two teenage boys...and I'm very nervous....

Judy Alter said...

I don't know that I have a secret. I usually think it was pure damn luck. But from my perspective now I would say love them a lot, discipline but not too much, and be their friend. Good luck. It's a chancy world.