Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Nothing much

January 4, 2017

I certainly hope today isn’t a glimpse of the year to come: it’s a nothing day, and tonight I’m unbearably sleepy, can’t stop yawning.

Went to the podiatrist and shivered in the cold. We Texans are funny—we waste more time worrying about a predicted cold spell than we spend taking precautions. So I huddled at my desk today, with a shawl around my shoulders and a lap blanket—and the cold is due tomorrow!. The a/c man came to show me how to use the remote that controls the temperature in the house-really very simple, but not knowing we’d been blindly punching buttons. Christian pointed out last night that it would work better if the battery were securely in place. But tonight it feels cool again.

The TV is doing something funny—the six o’clock Ch. 5 news came on at seven. Before that the news showed the time a full hour earlier than it was. Now it’s only 45 minutes off. Most confusing, and I’m glad I don’t have to be anywhere early in the morning. It’s as though Standard Time got mixed up and tried to become Daylight Savings Time again. It may have something to do with trying to record a program which, if I did, I did it “on accident” as the kids used to say.

Got my second wind and got some work done. One of my goals this spring is to revive interest in my mysteries and make sure they are all available as e-books. Stuck my toe into those waters today.

Sometimes when I can’t go right to sleep I plot a mystery and I end up writing the most fantastic books. Of course, they fade to nothing in the daylight. Sleep tight my friends, and may your dreams be as much fun as mine.


Victor Wadsworth said...

Yea I worried more about today than it turned out to be. I worried my doctor's appointment would be a conflicting time, I worried my eyes would be dilated and my vision impaired for the rest of the day. I worried my trip to the post office would go into overtime. If I had left the house with no dreads of opposition to my day it would have been far more fruitful. I wonder if this is how Worry Warts are created, maybe I should see a dermatologist.

Judy Alter said...

Victor,glad to know someone else manufactures these needless worries. We make ourselves miserable.